Smart ways to socialize your Student life

Students are the first adapters when it comes to technology and new ways of connecting with one another. Many hypes sprung from the student community. As StudentLifeOnline already discussed in the post Essential Educational Apps for College Students there are many ways to integrate technology into the learning process, even though Universities and teachers are still adjusting.

Ways how to socialize your student life online

Smartphones and apps made it possible to optimize the learning experience, but how about the other parts of student life? We found an app that covers specifically the parts that are not connected to learning from the books. It is called Student’U. Let’s see what it covers.

Social life

You are new in your city. The easiest way to meet new people is to just hang out with the people from your faculty or to join a sorority/fraternity. This limits your social network to people who happen to do the same studies or who joined the same club. We are the cross boarders generation! With Student’U, you can find all kinds of fellow students around on a map. Unlike facebook it is not for storing the friends you already have but for finding new ones that you can later meet up with.

Clubbing, partying and events

You want to know where you can go out after spending your week in damp classrooms and thick buy levitra mauritius books, but you want to know it through your fellow students and not through some cheesy guide. Good! On Student’U your fellow students can announce events through classifieds and put them literally on the map. This way you can see where your fellow students are going! You can also announce your own events. Get students to your party!

Buying, selling and exchanging

Old books, looking for a room to rent, needing someone to go to a certain concert with? Post what you have to offer or want to get in the classifieds. There everybody from the student community can immediately see your request or offering on the map and start chatting with you to make arrangements.


Meeting lots of new people is exciting and the flirt game is part of that excitement. Though, there is a time and place for that. That’s why there is a separate flirt profile through which you meet others who are looking for the same. Flirt is not the only activity that has its separate profile. Another one is for your close friends and family. From now one you can keep all your social activities discretely separated.

This application is a good extension for students and a support for socializing.

You can download Student’U for the following Platforms:

  • Android App
  • iPhone App
  • Windows Phone App
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  1. Tanja Clark

    Nov 25. 2012

    Interesting app for students social networks

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  2. Kim Talor

    Nov 26. 2012

    Just installed the app on my iPhone and test it. Thank you

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