Meals to Fight Those Back-to-School Blahs

It’s hard to believe that your baby is now a full-grown college student, miles from home, leading a life of their own. A part of you knows it’s true–largely the part that aches from packing and carting dozens of boxes to their new home–but another part of you refuses to believe it. And that part has a propensity for worry. Are they homesick? Are they getting enough sleep? And, heaven forbid, are they living off ramen noodles or cold ravioli from a can?

You may not be there to enforce a reasonable bedtime or keep homesickness at bay, but you can ensure that their pantry stays full while letting them know how much you care.

eating from can

Mm. Cold ravioli straight from the can.

Yes, you can send your favorite college student a care package filled with all of their favorite meals. Here’s a few suggestions.

Give Them Italian Meals

What kid–big or small–doesn’t love noodles? Encourage them to cast aside their Alphagetti and opt, instead, for a hearty, authentic taste of Italian cuisine. Gourmet Gift Baskets’ Italian Gift Basket with Keepsake Colander comes equipped with award-winning favorites like Penne straight from Tuscany, Arrabbiata Tomato sauce, Puttanesca Rustic Spaghetti Sauce Mix, Italian Wedding Soup, Smoked Sausage and much more–all beautifully arranged inside an 8 quart, sturdy, stainless steel strainer. Delizioso.

Give Them TLC

Is your college student feeling under the weather? Despite the miles that lie between you, you can still send them a dose of comfort from home. Foody Direct offers a collection of perfect back-to-school care packages including a half a gallon of Grandma’s Chicken Soup, boasting the home-made goodness of grade-A chicken, noodles, and a collection of healthy vegetables like carrots, celery, and onions, all seasoned to perfection. This old-fashioned remedy will have them saying, “mm, mm good” meals.

Give Them Brain Food

The college brain is under constant pressure to perform–especially during exam time. So there’s not much time to prepare any meals. Ensure that your child’s mind is properly nourished and up for the job with the Brain & Grain Funner Size care package by Beyond Bookmarks. Equipped with healthy snacks like a protein bar, hummus dip, trail mix, and more, this care kit is designed with late-night studying in mind. It also boasts a stress toy and a slinky for those greatly needed brain breaks. You can help them feed the mind and leave those so-so grades behind.

Give Them Team Spirit

Is your favorite college student a sports fan? If so, you’ll be a huge hit with a Team Spirit Snack and Candy Bouquet from Dormsmart. Whether they cheer for the Georgia Bulldogs, the Ohio State Buckeyes, the Oklahoma Sooners, or somewhere in between, each Team Spirit Snack comes with a collection of chocolates, salted peanuts, crackers, and more–all the fixings for enjoying the big game.

Give Them Anything But Gluten

If your college student cannot tolerate gluten, you can ensure that their dietary–and taste bud–needs are satisfied with Hipkits’ Go Go Gluten Free Funner Size care package. Boasting an assortment of scrumptious delights such as Indiana Kettlecorn, Eco-Planet oatmeal, chocolate chip cookies, fruit crisps, and more, this will take the frustrating hunt out of eating gluten free. Plus, this kit comes with fun additions like a stress toy and Silly Putty. And everyone loves Silly Putty.

Sure, you may not be able to pack their lunches every day. And you may not get to present them with home-cooked meals. You can, however, send them nutrition–and love–through a thoughtful care package. And make their trip to the mailbox a bit more exciting.

What meals do you put in your kid’s  care package?

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