These Little Things That Make a Career Choice

Childhood passion, example of a relative, a teacher council… The reasons for choosing a career are many. And when some young people expect the revelation of schooling, others seek the single goal a testimony.

Stephanie chose to become a chemist, reading books about chemistry in the attic of her grandfather. Mister Johnson, ? journalist, remembers the fabulous smell of newsprint. David has followed the girl he was in love in the medicine.

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EMPLOYMENT – Memories, inspiration… How do you choose the profession?

? survey of a handful of people online, basically will not make our choice easier, choosing a career is sometimes not so easy task. Memories, the inspiration of a school experience… The motivations vary, from different trends. Childhood can be a trigger, for example a good job is chosen by returning to his first interests.

All employees are, however kids who are able to monetize their childish passions. At 2011, a survey of the site StepStone estimated that only 30% of employees working in the niche coveted early in their studies. 17% are satisfied with the course change and 33% had no particular aspirations.

The school, friends, family

At the time of their first career choice, adolescents were struggling to identify their interests. So many are turning to friends, who are very bad advisers: they only work by mode, as a science, the right choice in recent years, comes from students who engage a niche channel without an idea what they want to do.

Add to this table frustrating teacher unfamiliar with the world of business. Their vision is often limited. I remember a young man who wanted to be a baker and his teacher, who refused on the grounds that he had the capacity to move this business niche.

The family may also play a big role. John, for example, a fifty year old guy, buy levitra online in uk remembers calling his parents before accepting his first job in a bank, to ensure that they agreed that he can work, and more important that he will work in a suit. What is more important, the family sometimes provide so little space to dream, young people has no real desire other than the desire to please their parents. He will then conform to what he thinks is right, apply to a business school for example, when in reality he is attracted to something else.

List what you do not want to do

This is also based on the rules of each family, its ‘codes of conduct’ by which everyone chooses their own path. The role of the family is not negative. Until I was 23 and a half years, I was often anxious not knowing what I wanted to do, my parents have always turned the problem differently. Create a list of what you do not want to do, which eventually will narrow your choices. Besides families where the profession that is passed as heritage. 50% of medical students have medical parents. Other students do exactly the opposite, waiting until the last moment of revelation.

A common literary or indecision among students, is that not all live as well as they want. After preparatory classes and a BA, an emptiness. What to do? Research indicate, that you should not rely only on education.

A few questions to ask yourself before you start. How did you choose your profession? Did you practice your profession before you set out your studies? What was the influence of your family or school?

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