Benefits Of Figs That Can Help You Prolong Your Life

Figs are known as the fruit of fircus tree which is a part of Moraceae family, known by its common name mulberry family. They have a sweet, soft, chewy texture, and unique taste that are composed of edible as well as slightly crunchy seeds. Fresh figs are perishable and delicate and are dried to preserve. Figs are really good for your health.  Do you want a proof? Read on:

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Prevention of constipation

One of the most significant health benefits of figs is that they prevent constipation. You need to know that in every three-fig serving there are 5 grams of fiber. Since figs have a high amount of fiber in them, so they help in promoting the regular and healthy bowel function and preventing constipation. Since Fiber works to add mass and bulk to bowel movements which means that it not only stops constipation but also it eliminates the possibility of suffering from diarrhea and irregular or unhealthy bowl movements. Even researches and studies have proved that figs play a vital role in preventing constipation. Therefore, if you are one of those people who always remain a victim of constipation, then you should start eating figs. It will help you a lot, and you will remain constipation-free.

Weight Loss

One of the other health benefits of figs is that they also help in reducing weight. That is why it is recommended to those people who are obese and are tired of carrying a protruding belly. But since you know there are pros and cons of every action, similarly, the over dosage of figs also has some cons that you will have to face if you are consuming them more than the prescribed amount. You need to understand that high calorie of figs, especially when taken with milk, can also result in weight gain instead of weight loss. Therefore, try to consume figs in an optimum amount so that you can lose your weight instead of gaining more.

Lower cholesterol

One of the other important health benefits of figs that cannot be ignored is that it lowers down the cholesterol (a type of fat in your blood). Figs basically contain a soluble fiber known as Pectin. Therefore, when fiber moves by using the digestive system as a channel, it mops up the excess clumps of cholesterol and let them be eliminated through the excretory system. Since pectin is a soluble fiber so it stimulates the healthy and regular bowl movements. Figs even have a laxative effect as they are considered one of the most important fiber-dense foods. So by including high amount of fiber in your diet, you are doing yourself a big favor as it can benefit your overall health in many ways. It can reduce your cholesterol, prevent various types of abdominal cancer, and prevents constipation.  Therefore, next time when you have to lower down your cholesterol or need a laxative or need a remedy against abdominal cancer, you can try figs.


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