Finance Major? How to get ready for your interview

The world of finance is highly competitive and job seekers looking to land a position in corporate finance, accounting, or other relevant industry must be at the top of their game. Fortunately, by properly preparing yourself for the interview you will have an advantage over your competition.

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Interview Questions

The following questions are samples of what the employer may ask you during the interview. When preparing for the job interview, consider these questions and what your response to them should be. Choose answers that demonstrate your skills, accomplishments, and competency.

Q: Tell me a little about yourself?
A: Try to keep your answer brief while still providing relevant information about your experience and skills. Your objective is to give the interviewer enough information so that he understands how you would be a benefit to the company.

Q: Tell me why you want to work for us?
A: The ideal response should demonstrate that you thoroughly researched the company prior to your interview and you believe the position and your skills are a good match.

Q: Tell me your strengths and weaknesses?
A: Keep your answers honest and name the strengths you possess that would be beneficial to the company. When naming your weaknesses, follow them up with what actions you are taking to eliminate that flaw.

Q: Tell me where you see yourself in five years?
A: By asking you these types of questions the interviewer is trying to get a sense of your ambition. The ideal response should demonstrate the goals you have for career advancement and professional growth without sounding inflexible.

Q: Do you have any questions?
A: Ask the interviewer one or two questions to demonstrate your genuine interest in the company and the position.

Q: Do you fit in?
A: Employers want new employees to mesh well with their corporate culture. Allow your personality to shine through so the interviewer gets a sense of how well you would fit in.

Interview Mistakes

Knowing what not to do in the interview can help levitra online safe increase your chance of landing the position. Employers are looking for the best candidates and a simple mistake can cost you the job. The following are five common mistakes individuals make during interviews and how you can avoid them:

Running Late: Even though lateness is an obvious mistake and will negatively affect the interview, it is one of the most common pitfalls that occur during interviews. You can help avoid this by aiming to arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview and plan your route to the office ahead of time.

Poor Choice in Clothing: Your appearance is the first thing the interviewer will notice and if you don’t take pride in your appearance you won’t take pride in your work.

Not Researching the Company: Not knowing enough information about the company will greatly hurt your chances of landing the position. Performing a search online, check business journals and speak to members in the company’s network are a few ways you can learn about your potential employer.

Exaggerating Your Qualifications and Interest: Interviewers perform background checks and due diligence, and overstating your qualifications is one of the quickest ways to lose the job. Furthermore, answering every single question with an upbeat eagerness may cause you to look insincere.

Being Negative: Speaking badly about former employers, companies and colleagues can make you appear unpleasant and a potential liability for the company. Furthermore, avoid self-deprecating comments.

If you properly prepare yourself by utilizing the information outlined above, you will decrease your anxiety about the interview and increase your chances of landing the finance position.

This article was written with Jake Billings, a writer of many articles about student careers. He has recently helped many finance students find internships and job opportunities. Jake recommends every student to have a good credit history. If you are in need of a credit repair, check this website for services in your area.

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