Major Issue of Concern for Pharmaceutical Education in India

Pharmaceutical education in India is striving hard to come out with flying colours. Moreover, the crippled state of this sector all due to the ignorance of the government. There are almost 1,500 institutions with 1,00,000 students applying for pharmaceutical education everywhere. Below listed are various issues due to which major mass of the society is not choosing it as a course for their higher studies.

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Lack of Employment

Companies dealing with medicine are little less as compared to the colleges that are coming up across the country. With the irregular ratio, unemployment is pretty much persistent at higher rates in the society. Students are hesitating in selecting pharmacy for their higher education due to the fear of getting no jobs.

Ignorance from the side of government

Government of India has completely ignored this sector. There are inadequate regulations laid down by the government for the different institutions proffering studies in Pharmacy. The licensing is too not being carried out by various government officials. Thus, government is one of the reasons for the deteriorated state of the pharmaceutical education of the country.

Lack of the respect in the society towards this profession

The main reason behind this point is that may be you cant go abroad after studying pharmacy, there little less jobs available in the industry and people are oblivious of its benefits and scope. As in India only one profession is having a “scope” i.e. engineering.  People are oblivious about rest of the option prevailing in the education sector.

Insufficient teaching staff

This is one of the biggest problems that not only an institution dealing with medicine is facing but the whole country is suffering from the shortage of teachers. The reason behind keeping their faculty dumb and oblivious about the latest technologies and methodologies is that if they are adequately qualified, they won’t retain their job of teaching. Thus, this shows that better incentives and salaries should be given to the teacher by the private players in the country. Then only one can expect good results from them.

A few points listed above clearly show that proper governance can improve the current scenario of the education industry. Moreover, there are different exams held privately as well as by the government for taking admissions in bachelors as well as in masters’ courses. Some of the entrance exams like GPAT, NIPER JEE et cetera are given by the students for getting enrolment in college. However, now government is looking into this matter and trying its bets to improve the current scenario of pharmaceutical education in the country.

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