Can your Negotiation Techniques be that effective?

Have you ever evaluated your negotiation skills? No matter what your job responsibilities are at work, chances are that your job requires some negotiation at times. If this is not a primary role for you, you may not pay much attention to it. The fact is, though, that your negotiation skills can make a difference to both your company’s success and to your own personal success.  Here are a few questions to think about for your negotiation techniques.

successful negotiation techniques

Are you a good listener?

In order to negotiate effectively, you need to find out as much as possible about what the other party needs and wants. The better you understand their situation, the better you can present a proposal that meets their needs, while giving you the outcome you want. You may be able to identify something you could give up, that wouldn’t be a problem on your side but would have greater value for them. This is an excellent way to reach a good outcome.

The best way to find out about the other party, and their perspective on the deal, is to listen to what they are saying. Often, people don’t really listen. They may smile or nod their head, but inside they are already thinking about what they are going to say next, rather than paying attention to what the speaker is saying. Develop your listening skills, and apply them here. Reflect back to the other person what you heard, to ensure that you understood. Also keep notes of key points.

Do you ask good questions?

Asking questions, and then listening closely to the answers, can get you a lot of important information in a negotiation. The best questions to ask are open-ended questions, rather than yes/no question, where you might get only a one-word answer. Ask your question, then actively listen to the response. If you leave a short silence at the end of their answer, they may add more information.

It’s important to keep the tone conversational here. You don’t want them to feel like they’re being interrogated. If they feel comfortable buy levitra line with the conversation, they will be more open in their responses. If they feel that you are actually listening, and care about what they have to say, it can establish a sense of rapport and make things go more easily.

Are you willing to make concessions?

Many people approach a negotiation as a battle of wits. They have to dominate the other party, and emerge victorious. This approach may get them a good deal this one time, but it can lead to negative feelings for the other party, and a poor business relationship going forward.

It is better to make some concessions, so that both parties can feel good about the outcome. It is good to have a plan in advance, so that you know where you can make concessions, and where you have to hold the line. Some people build this into their first proposal. For instance, if they really want to receive $1,000, they might ask for $1,200, so that they can make concessions on price and still end up with their desired outcome.

How well do you know your opponent?

Many people enter negotiations without knowing anything about their opponents. How can you win if you don’t know with whom you’re dealing with? Find out as much as you can about your counterpart and their business. A smart tip to make your negotiations strategies really effective is to check past deals and collaborations. Analyze former negotiation deals, assess failures and winnings, and build a strategy.

Be wise and sensible, not smart and devious. Show understanding and respect for your opponent. Frame the negotiation about shared interests and don’t focus solely on your own interest. Make the other party feel valued too, and you’ll have a lot to win. If you show respect and understanding, you can get respect and understanding. Always remember that what goes around comes around. Be careful! Never look for short-term deals and always aim to build a relation. You may have to deal with that person again in the future, so it’s best to find mutual ground.

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