Pave the Way to Your Dream Job Starting in Freshman Year

Often, students wait until their last year, or even last month, of college to start trying for their dream job. That could be a big mistake. In the market today, where almost everyone has a college degree, it is crucial that you set yourself apart from the next candidate. While you cannot apply for jobs until later in your college career, you can certainly do some prep works to improve your chance of securing that position.

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So how do you start paving your way to that dream job? The process can start as early as the first day in college. Following the well-thought out plan not only can help you find a job right out of college, but also allows you to make the most out of your college experience.

Stay strong academically

Here is one of many surprising facts about college students: a survey reports that nearly 46.5 percent of college seniors admit that they frequently or occasionally fall asleep during a class. College often gives students much more autonomy and flexibility than high schools. Some college students, however, assume that it is alright to start slacking off and getting behind on their school work. Doing so will only lead to a poor academic record. If all else are equals, employers often use the grade point average to decide among fresh graduates. Would you want something as simple as your school work to hurt your chance for your dream job?

Spending extra effort and engaging in advanced classes in college will also enrich your experience and skill set. Many college classes are designed to get you acquainted to the concept of team work, deadline, and problem solving. These are all important skills that can impress buying levitra online safe hiring managers.

Networking opportunities that lead to the dream job

Whether you go to a small or large university, it will still be a whole new place with lots of opportunities to connect with other people. Often, alumni will look back and realize many relationships that start in college will last a lifetime. Building your own network can help you find a job not only at the beginning, but also throughout your career.

Most college campus will often host social and networking events. By finding a professional group related to your field, you will also be able to connect to potential mentors and employers. Joining a fraternity, sorority, or other student groups will also help you expand your connections.

Gain experience through volunteering and interning

Many students and fresh graduates complain that they cannot find a job without experience, and cannot get experience without a job. While the former complain can be true, the latter is not. There are many ways to compensate for your lack of experience without working a full time, professional position in your chosen field. Offering your service as a volunteer or an intern is a great way to gain experience. To build up your experience and contacts, start looking for such opportunities as early as you can. Even if unpaid, these opportunites can reward you with a good reference, new contacts and professional experience that can be a key to your dream job.

Following these steps certainly improve your chance of getting the job of your dream. Start the planning process at the beginning of your college career, and you will find yourself focused on your goal. Remember, enjoy your college experience but do not forget to try for your dream job!

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