What Skills Are High-Tech Companies Looking For?

Let’s face it, everyone needs skills that are in-demand. The world of technology stands still for no one. It changes at the proverbial “blink of an eye” and the skills needed to create these changes are ever-evolving. If you hope to land the job of your dreams in the high tech field, you will need to embrace these changes and arm yourself with the most up-to-date knowledge. So, what skills will make you desirable to high tech companies in the here and now?

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Program Development and Application Skills

Many experts say that program and app development skills are currently the hottest ticket to a sought-after career in high tech. With incredibly low unemployment rates and a multitude of job openings, individuals who excel in program and application development are highly coveted by employers in a plethora of industries ranging from traditional software companies to financial institutions to members of the hospitality industry. Mobile application developers are in particularly high demand, requiring proficiency in Android, iOS, or Windows Phone. Cloud developers should become familiar with PaaS–Platform-as-a-Service.


While many Cloud specialists work in the application development field mentioned above, there are several other capacities in which a Cloud pro may work–and anything pertaining to Cloud is hot. If you wish to become a Cloud administrator for a company that utilizes Cloud technology, you will need in-depth knowledge of Puppet– a tool that enables users to perform centralized administrative duties.

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Tech Support

With the influx of new technologies available in the marketplace, companies are experiencing a huge demand for technical support people to service said technologies. While companies tend to add support staff as they undergo expansion, many are also bringing their help desks back to American soil after outsourcing them. The skills coveted by employers in this field include the ability to provide excellent customer service, strong communications skills, teamwork, and conflict resolution.


Vice President of Engineering at Syncsort, levitra online 20mg Tendu Yogurtcu, cites Hadoop certification as a valuable skill thanks to the big data explosion. Individuals who can work on either the developing or administering of Hadoop projects are highly coveted by employers right now as more and more companies are discovering the value in mining big data for information.

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These skills, also known as IT governance skills, are beneficial whether you are working for a large or small entity in a variety of capacities including designing software, constructing databases, or engineering networks. All companies require systems that get the job done while adhering to industry rules and regulations. The demand for these skills continue to increase dramatically.

If engineering is your thing, check out the skills that make engineers a get for technology companies.


No one wants their systems to be vulnerable to cyber attacks and, as a result, IT security specialists–particularly those adept at security architecture–are in great demand. IT security is expensive, so companies want to ensure that their security measures are properly designed in the first place.

For information on jobs within the technology field, check out this article on future stem careers.


According to Zubin Irani, the CEO of cPrime Inc, Agile is one of the top skills currently in demand. Irani adds that jobs requiring knowledge of Agile have multiplied by a factor of ten over recent months. If you hope to work as a Project Manager, this is a competency that you will definitely want to master.

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While this is by no means a comprehensive list of today’s most craved high tech skills, it does give you a good idea of what employers want. By choosing to arm yourself with all the right stuff, you can make yourself a hot commodity and design a promising future.

In your opinion, what are some of the most coveted high tech skills?

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