How To Improve Your Reading Skills?

Part of college is reading the textbooks. Many of your homework assignments are to read at least one chapter before the next time you meet in class. A lot of your exam may be based on not what’s covered in class but what you were supposed to read at home. If you consider your reading comprehension to be low, chances are you will not excel in a class. Reading is a skill you constantly need to develop. For boosting your reading level in a college setting, rely on these tips and suggestions.

great students reading skills are the basic for every study. Learn to Read More Efficiently and Effectively

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Three Es

It’s said that there are 3 main Es when it comes to reading. For one, you must be effective. This means that you retain what your eyes have taken in. You should remember the major concepts and points. Next up, there’s efficiency. In college, it’s all about taking the time you’re given and maximizing it for learning. Certain universities are known for the extensive coursework they assign you. So map out your assignments and give yourself a set amount of time to complete a reading. Last, but not least, be engaged in what you are reading. It’s easy to just go through the motions, but sometimes when your eyes are moving, your brain is elsewhere. So read the text in big chunks and pause every once in a while to ponder what you’ve read. Take breaks so your mind stays fresh. If you are not engaged, then you won’t be efficient; you’ll constantly have to reread the text to pick up on what you glazed levitra 20 mg online over. Also, if you don’t actively participate in the reading, you won’t remember the important stuff.


Before you really start on a chapter, get an overall feel for it. It’s easy to skim over the chapter title and headings, but these are designed to guide you through the text and understand important concepts. If you’re a visual person, illustrations with text can be of great help. Tie in what’s covered to what you already know and what you anticipate will be covered in class and on the exam. Do this so you can determine your strengths and understand which concepts may be fuzzy to you. Last, before jumping into the text, consider your purpose. The 5 Ws of purpose are who, what, where, when, and why. With purpose, you’re more likely to stay on track.

Active Reading

Sitting in your dorm room for a couple of hours reading text can be a bit of a yawn. Some people even get a bit stir crazy from reading. So take out a pen and highlighter so you can get more out of your study session. This is beneficial to kinesthetic learners as well as visual people. Highlight important concepts. Rephrase and summarize ideas in the margins for your personal benefit. Drawings and diagrams can be helpful to create when only words are in the book. Riddle the text while you read so you’ll have something to bring up in class.

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