How to Find Financial Aid for Nursing School

Because the baby boom generation is now on the other side of the mid-century mark, the need for good nurses continues to grow. The welfare of the nation depends on quality healthcare, and this means that grants, scholarships, and loans for students desiring to enter the nursing field are plentiful. Whether it is your wish to work in a school, hospital, nursing home, or doctor’s office or to gain a position as a private nurse, work in this field is plentiful and so are the funds for educating healthcare professionals. Be sure to check into the following sources to assist you in getting financial aid for nursing school:

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Federal Funding for Nurses

Money for college can be obtained from the United States Government, but the application window opens only once a year so students should be diligent in getting their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) forms filled out before the deadline. Most students can either qualify for a Pell Grant that does not have to be repaid or a Stafford Loan that comes with a low interest rate and does not have to be repaid until a degree has been completed. Some college campuses also offer federally funded Perkins Loans, and some nursing students can actually qualify for both a Stafford and a Perkins Loan.

The Federal Government also sponsors scholarships for nursing students who need financial assistance through the Department of Health and Human Services. To get one of these 200 scholarships, nursing students do have to prove that paying for their levitra online cheap education would be a hardship and agree to work in critical needs areas after graduation.

State Funding for Nurses

Some states have a critical shortage of nurses and are using tuition reimbursement and other types of financial aid incentives to draw nursing school candidates into their area. Some states even repay a percentage of a college loan for each year that a nurse works in a field where there is a shortage. A few states also entice nurses into becoming teachers to help train future nurses by offering some great incentives, such as low-interest loans or even loan forgiveness.

Nursing Association Funding for Future Nurses

Once students have enrolled in a nursing program, they are often eligible for scholarships offered by national, state, and local nursing associations. These organizations work diligently to insure that good prospective nursing candidates have the financial ability to complete their degree and enter the workforce. Some of the most lucrative competitive scholarships are offered by the following:

  • National Student Nurses Association
  • National Black Nurses Association
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • American Nursing Association
  • Association of Critical Care Nurses
  • American Assembly for Men in Nursing

Business entities may also offer competitive scholarships to those entering a particular field of nursing, and students should search diligently for such opportunities. Corporations, such as Johnson & Johnson, have a vested interest in the healthcare field and often give financial assistance to help nursing students finish their education.

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