8 Highly-Essential Traits of a Tech-Savvy Teacher

Education and technology have become completely intertwined these days, and only those who are tech-savvies are considered as the best. By tech-savvy, we mean that a teacher who utilizes different gadgets and technologies to make education and teaching more interesting for the students as well as themselves.

tech-savvy teachers

With the help of technology, the learning process does not only become easier but also more entertaining, resulting in dramatically greater levels of engagement by students. Following are the eight most essential traits of highly-tech-savvy teacher.

Uses Blog to Communicate With the Students

A tech-savvy teacher is a great help to students. He not only makes the whole teaching and learning experience interesting within the class but he also blogs about new ideas, interesting facts about his subject and random tidbits on his blog that his students can follow. This helps the students to learn in a more advanced and non-traditional manner.

Uses Cloud Technology

Gone are the days when teachers used to request the students to turn in paper versions of different assignments and notes. Tech-savvy teachers now use various Cloud technologies to their advantage. They accept electronic version on the Cloudif they assign a paper. If they share notes, they upload a PDF version of their lectures on Cloud. Even more, they often make use of podcasts and recording as well.

Uses Various Apps

The best part about the ever-evolving technology is the ease of apps and software usage for everyone. There are many learning apps that a tech-savvy teacher can use for his advantage. For example, a psychology teacher could use the famous Lumosity app for his students to polish their critical-thinking skills.

Embraces New Technology

We have seen the tech-savvy teachers as well as the techno-phobic ones. There are many teachers who shy away from the keyboard, all because they do not want to take new risks and feel levitra online overnight safe with the older technology. They stick to conventional methods. But a tech-savvy teacher is the one who stays updated and embraces new technology.

Keeps Learning All Life Long

A tech-savvy teacher is very interested in learning all his life long. If there is new software in the market, he will learn all about it. A new gadget? He will learn to use it. A new technology? He has to be one of the firsts to know about it.

Brings His Students a World within the Classroom

Tech-savvy teachers bring an entire world within their little classroom, to their students. If he teaches geography, he takes help of Google Earth or Google Street Views to take his students on world trips. If he teaches arts and culture, he takes help of the Internet to take his students on a field trip within his little classroom.

Uses Social Media Channel

Tech-savvy teachers make use of social media channels to get their message across. If there is an assignment due, they remind their students on the web. If there is some news they want to convey, they make use of Facebook or Twitter to get it across.

Brings A 3D World to His Classroom

Tech-savvy teachers make sure their students remain updated on the latest methodologies as well. If a teacher has to teach physics, he would be smart enough to do so by simply engaging his students in the game of ‘Angry Birds’ in his class. The idea is to offer three dimensional learning to his students.

If you are a tech-savvy teacher, you need to have these traits to evolve your classroom and give your students a whole new learning experience.

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