Daycare of Private Preschool?

When it comes time for your child to attend a day program while you are at work, or even if you are just choosing to enroll your child in a program for the social aspect, there are a variety of choices out there. The two main choices available for your child are preschool or daycare. You might not think there is a big difference between the two, but there definitely are. Preschool and daycare are very different in many ways, and this article will inform you of those differences in the hopes of helping you make the best decision for your child.

I will start by discussing the best qualities that a preschool would have to offer. Preschools tend to be more structured and are required to abide by certain standards determined by each state.

Day Care for children

Planned activities/education

One advantage of having your child in a preschool is that there are planned activities throughout the day and year, and also educational aspects. Many preschools offer an educational program that allows your child to learn basic skills early on, giving them a head start before they begin elementary school. Also, many preschools, even private schools, take field trips throughout the year that are fun and educational in nature. Preschools also offer a set schedule throughout the day to teach your child skills and socialization.

Consistent schedule

Another advantage of having your child in preschool is the consistent schedule. A preschool will never close due to the illness of a teacher, they would simply get a substitute. Whereas having a nanny or babysitter would not guarantee you to have backup if the nanny or babysitter is sick. Also, the daily routine of a preschool is good for your child to get used to before starting elementary school, and also helps them understand rules and consequences. And as a parent, you are aware of the schedule for the preschool for the entire year, including hours and days in which the school is closed for holidays. This allows for you to make plans for babysitting or taking off of work in advance.


Having your child attend preschool allows for them to have a great opportunity for socialization. Your child might not get that chance if he/she is being watched by a nanny with no other children to play with. Exposing your child to groups of children early on will teach him/her the importance of taking turns, sharing, and interacting with other children which is often difficult for those who have not had that type of exposure.

Trained staff

Preschools offer trained staff who are often required to take courses and become certified in childcare, or they are required to have a degree in education or child studies. This allows you the confidence in having your child under the care of these professionals who are knowledgeable about your child’s needs and development at any age.

Daycares operate a little differently, and there are several forms of daycares such as daycares ran as a business, daycares ran in a home, and standard babysitting. Now I will address some of the benefits of having your child in a daycare.

Flexible schedule

Many daycares, especially home daycares, allow you to have a flexible schedule. They don’t always require you to pay for the week, regardless of whether or not your child attends. Many daycares offer the option of attending certain days of the week and paying by the day. Also, if you know someone who runs a home daycare, you might feel more comfortable having your child in a comfortable and familiar environment rather than the school setting.

Smaller class sizes

Many daycares have smaller class sizes and your child might receive more attention than in a larger class setting.

Author Bio:

Tess Young is an educationalist who has been studying the varied forms of child education in our country. He is an unabashed fan of the Montessori system and spends a lot of time advocating its use for better children’s education.

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