Choosing From the Top Careers in Geography

Geography is the study of the land, its inhabitants and the various features of the Earth. In the ideal world, students pursuing geography in college would end up with the title of geographer. In reality, however, there are very few positions available for geographers in most industries. Instead, geography students have the opportunity to explore other career options within the field that utilize their skills and abilities. Whether you are a recent graduate with a geography diploma or you are simply interested in understanding your options, read on to get a better idea about the top careers in geography.

Variety of careers in geography for students

Urban Planner

This is one of the most popular and most logical careers for graduates in geography. Also called city planners or urban developers, urban planners are the people who oversee zoning for certain areas, decide what land can be used for what purpose and determine what kind of renovations are legal or necessary. A career as an urban planner can be very rewarding, and it will allow you to make a genuine impact on your neighborhood, city or state. Those interested in urban planning careers will need to specifically focus on urban geography courses in college whenever possible.


Although many individuals who work as climatologists have degrees in meteorology, there are also many who have degrees in geography. The two degrees go hand in hand and are similar in many ways, making both a great way to prepare for a career as a climatologist. Climatologists help to determine weather patterns in an area or determine what the impact of weather will be on the terrain. Many climatologists work for government agencies, environmental organizations or even businesses like the Weather Channel.


Many individuals in the field of geography find careers as cartographers. Although much of the actual map creation is now done digitally, and therefore does not require specific artistic ability, it still requires extensive knowledge of the natural terrain and environment of an area. Cartographers will need to take data and written information and create digital depictions of land, oceans or towns.

Geospatial Technologist

In an era when most people use GPS devices to find their way, working as a geospatial technologist is an incredibly important career. It involves acquiring, storing and displaying information related to roads, landscapes and cartography. Since this is a rapidly growing industry, it is also one of the most common career paths for recent graduates. In the last year alone, more than 75,000 new hires have been taken on, even in a struggling economy.

Environmental Manager

Someone who holds a geography degree will be a natural fit for a career as an environmental manager. Working in this capacity will involve dealing with the environmental impacts of building in certain areas, weather patterns and more. Those involved in environmental management may work for government or environmental agencies, or they may work as consultants for large businesses and manufacturers around the world who need to comply with specific environmental standards.

This list includes just a handful of the many different careers in the field of geography. With an undergraduate or master’s degree in the field, you should have no problem securing one of these positions.

Scott Naibitt writes for education blogs. Interested in the field of geography? Several schools offer GIS degrees including University of Southern California and University of California Riverside.

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