Busting The 4 Myths For Adults Who Want To Return To College

Being an adult, returning to college can be a life-changing experience. Adults who missed the educational part of their life due to financial problems or tragic events often return to college to complete their education. However, the experience can be challenging for some as it involves certain discomfiture and inhibitions.

Back to School Myths

Many times, adults are reluctant to take admission due to the myths circulating around. However, you can still return to college and complete your education if you have the will and passion to complete your studies. Being an educated individual is the ultimate goal of a life, after all.

A Grown up continues education in school

Myth#1: It Is Too Costly To Seek a Higher Degree Course

Some people believe that returning to college can cost them a good amount of money in the forms of fees and living costs. Many students who belong to the lower socioeconomic class do not have the financial support and therefore avoid the idea of completing their education.
However, scholarships, grants, cheap online courses and other loan facilities have made it dramatically cheaper for the students to get education. Now students can seek higher education in any area they have interest in.

Myth#2: Adults Do Not Have the Skills to Apply For Higher Education  

Many adults do not seek higher studies because they think that they are not skilled enough to seek a graduate course. Some are under the impression that they have too little skills and abilities to pursue something as serious and disciplined as a degree program.

There are many institutes which recognize the skills of adults based on their work experience. For example, if you have been a professional actor with no prior or formal education, you can qualify for a relevant degree and even get exemption from a few exams. This in turn will further facilitate you to acquire a degree in your area of field.

Myth#3: Adults Are Already Occupied With Too Many Things And Therefore Cannot Complete Their Education

Adults are family people and face tough time if they want to do anything beyond their routine life. Any additional burden can put out more financial stress and pressure in their life.
While this is true to some extent, it is not always the case. There are real cases in my circles who have managed their family, work and studies at the same time. In my opinion, it is your ability to manage your resources – money and time. If you have a little sense of financial management and have time management skills, you can definitely accomplish your studies even if you are a family man.

Have some free time and work out your financial plan for the next four years that will include your total cost of graduation. You can even qualify for available scholarships and grants as mentioned above.

Myth#4: Adults Who Return To College Find It Difficult To Mingle With The Younger Students Due To Social Fears And Inhibitions

It depends on the college and program you are going to apply for. There are institutions that offer age-specific and custom-based classes to the individuals who may find it awkward to study with the students who are twice younger to them. Besides, there are also online courses for adults who are uncomfortable with studying in a traditional classroom setting.

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