Some of the best applications for students

Selfcontrol – Now this is the absolute number one app you should own. Slefcontrol is an application that lets you to block certain types of websites by your choice which might lead you to distraction whenever you are studying. For example lets say you working over a project and you are reading, suddenly a Facebook notifications appears or you say just want to watch a fast video in YouTube before you start and you end up 2 hours watching stuff on YouTube it is almost impossible to not look in your monitor in this situation and here come Selfcontrol it let you block certain websites that distracts you and the best part is that you have a timer for each site and you can’t stop it even if you delete the app, that way the only way to get back on this site is when you finish your studying and when your timer ends.

apps for students

Maths alarm clock – Is another great self-control app. The simple function of this app makes it great for math students. Instead of hearing every morning annoying alarm clock now you have the chance to solve a simple mathematical question to turn off your alarm, this also helps you early in the morning your brain to slowly start waking up and function so you are prepared for your classes.

Sleep if you can – now on the other hand if the mathematical solved problems are not enough to get you out of bed here comes the Sleep if you can. This app is categorized as the most annoying app in several countries and from several online magazines. The app itself makes you to take a picture of an object to stop ringing. The object can be anything like the bathroom sink or the front door the far from your bed the object is the better, bad choices for objects are the ones near your bed.

Babylon – this is one of the best apps for translation on different languages. It offers different translation on over 75 languages and it is available on most of the mobile platforms. It may become handy on some exams when you have to translate different vocabularies then this is your app and not only you can find even better ways to implement it in your studying.

ExamTime – and last but not least maybe the most important part this app help you organize and even study more efficient. There are plenty of options in the app you can create notes, flashcards, mind maps you can use private messaging with your class mates, you can share projects and much more definitely something you will need and it will help you a lot for your study flow.

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