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The University of Phoenix is a well-known online school that also maintains school campuses around the country. Founded in 1976, the university made a reputation for offering students the opportunity to pursue a degree with a more flexible and convenient schedule, which later led to online courses as technology advanced.

Online University Review Phoenix

If you are considering the University of Phoenix — or online education in general — here’s what you need to know about the school:


The University of Phoenix was a pioneer in flexible schedule options for adult and working students. It was among the earliest schools to offer evening classes, flexible schedules, continuous enrollment, and online classes. It continues to offer these options in addition to maintaining a digital library and computer simulations for learning.

Students can choose online or in-campus courses to suit their learning styles and their other needs.


Faculty at the University of Phoenix have both academic and professional experience, making them uniquely suited to prepare students for success after college. Professors can not only highlight academic concepts but can also share — from experience — how those concepts are applied in practical ways on the job.

Professors are also uniquely positioned to help students find work after graduation, as they can use their previous contacts to help network for their students.

Degree Programs

Students can choose from a variety of programs to meet their needs, including associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s levitra online degrees. There are also certificate and diploma programs. You can even take individual courses for accreditation or training.

Academic programs include a wide variety of subjects, including education, business, nursing, criminal justice, information systems and technology, social sciences, and much, much more.


Tuition and fees at the University of Phoenix are comparable to other universities, whether they are online or in-person programs. Tuition will vary according to degree program, but a typical bachelor’s degree in a humanities field will cost about $10,000 a year for tuition. (Academic years are 10 months.)

Scholarships, grants, and other financial aid is available to pay for tuition, just like at other schools. Federal financial aid is available.

The University of Phoenix has developed a reputation as one of the top online schools, with a many degree programs available. The school offers flexible scheduling options for students whether they choose online or in-person classes, and there are many campuses throughout the country for the convenience of the students. Learn more about the school at

Have you taken any classes at the University of Phoenix, or did you complete your degree there? Share your experiences with the school in the comments!

Charissa Newark is a writer and manager for, where she has recently been researching online schools for accounting. In her spare time, Charissa enjoys gardening and volunteering at animal shelters.

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5 Responses to “University of Phoenix Review”

  1. Carroll B. Merriman

    Nov 01. 2012

    Phoenix was my university of choice. Thanks for the review

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  2. Jennifer

    Nov 07. 2012

    The Online University of Phoenix is really nice for students

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  3. Sabine

    Nov 16. 2012

    I love Phoenix, it’s my home town and university as well

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  4. Arsh

    Nov 17. 2012

    I had the same thoughts! University of Phoenix is my home school 🙂 More university reviews please here on Student Life Online

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  5. Jeo Utha

    Feb 11. 2014

    Hello, as a human resources director of a large corporation, I never hire anyone with a degree from the University of Phoenix. Anyone with a job application with the University of Phoenix listed as an institution from which they have a degree, their application is immediately shredded. Anyone can get a degree from UoP without learning anything. People who cannot get a degree from any other institution end up at the University of Phoenix, and according to the Department of Education, only 15% of those people graduate. There are many better real colleges with professors, with a campus that has world-class online classes and degrees like Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado or Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona, just to name a couple. Too enroll at UoP will be a big mistake for anyone.

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