Exploring the Finest Business Schools of Southern India

Indian business schools are known all over the world for their quality education and credibility. Many of these highly-ranked business schools are located in the southern region of the country. These institutes create thousands of professionals every year, prepare them for the industry and help them find suitable jobs. The following article discusses about some of the premium B-schools in South India.

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B-Schools of India

Business schools of South India are known for their extensive curriculum and excellence in teaching capabilities. The students graduating from these colleges have done remarkably well for themselves. Over the last few years, demand for MBA institutes and other business colleges has risen consistently.  A higher number of students are applying for Graduate, Post-Graduate and Diploma programs pertaining to business administration. Courses like MBA and BBA have seen sudden spike in admissions as the programs are being treated as the ticket to success and career growth.

The following are some of the reputed institutes in southern India that offer education in business studies.

Prestigious B-Schools in South India

  • Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Bangalore

  • Indian Institute of Management Kozikode, Kozhikode

  • Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

  • IBS Hyderabad, Hyderabad

  • A. Pai Management Institute, Manipal

  • Loyola Institute of Business Administration, Chennai

  • Institute for Financial Management and Research, Chennai

  • Xavier Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship, Bangalore

  • Amrita School of Business, Coimbatore

Analyzing the Institutes

Let us explore some of the given management institutes from the above list.

  • Indian School of Business – Based in Hyderabad, this is one of the most sought-after teaching institutes. Indian School of Business also has a campus in Mohali. This Hyderabad management institute teaches a Post Graduate Programme (PGP) equivalent to an MBA, a Post-Graduate Programme in Management for Senior Executives (PGPMAX) that is equivalent to an executive MBA, and a doctoral-like Fellow Programme in Management (FPM). There are also short and part-time executive courses specially designed for the middle and senior management. According to the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings of 2013, the Post Graduate Programme of this institute has been ranked at 34th position in the entire world.
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangalore – Based in Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore or IIMB is a renowned public business institute of Karnataka. It has been constantly ranked as among the finest management schools in India as well as the Asia Pacific region. Founded by the Indian Government in 1973, IIM Bangalore was the third IIM in row to be set up, following the IIMs of Calcutta and Ahmedabad. The institute offers many Post Graduate courses, a Doctoral programme and many other courses for Executive training. This b-school does not award degrees, it only grants Diplomas.
  • Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode – Based in Kozhikode or Calicut, the Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode is among the top 13 IIMs buy generic levitra usa established by the Indian Government. This business school was established in the year 1996 in alliance with the State Government of Kerala. The fifth IIM to be set up, IIM Kozhikode offers a wide variety of academics related to management and conducts activities like research, training, teaching, development of intellectual infrastructure and consulting. It lays emphasis on the honing of analytical abilities and covers cross-cultural and global issues by harmonizing social concerns and business demands.
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management – Great Lakes Institute of Management is a private school of management situated in Chennai. It is an initiative of US-based management expert Dr Bala V. Balachandran, who is also the co-founder of prestigious institutes like IIM Ahmedabad and ISB Hyderabad. Established in 2004, the institute is recognized by AICTE. The Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) is a full-time study course taught over a period of one year. The programme is specially designed to teach customer-centricity, corporate ethics and meritocracy. Great Lakes also offers the Post Graduate Diploma in management (PGDM).  Students require a GMAT score of 670 and above or a minimum CAT score of 96 percentile for admission. Business World magazine had placed Great Lakes on the 15th position in intellectual capital and 18th in general rankings in the B-School rankings published of 2010.
  • IBS Hyderabad – Based in Hyderabad, IBS Hyderabad is part of the ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE). It provides high-quality educational courses in different aspects of management to a several students, professionals, and executives from all over India. There is innovative curriculum structure and delivery, specialized instruction, quality programs, research, high industry interface, publications and consultancy. Founded in 1995, IBS has grown immensely since its inception and acquired extensive recognition from the industry, professional institutions, and businesses. Annual b- school surveys include and highly rank the institute among the best business schools every year.

IBS aims at developing highly principled, professional managers who will add value to the companies and communities they will join. The educational programmes at IBS include BBA, MBA, and PhD courses. The PhD programmes are taught as both full-time as well as part-time. The increasing alumni base of IBS Hyderabad is presently more than 7,400. These graduates and post-graduates have kick-started their careers with a bang and are currently working across over 600 respectable organizations in India and overseas.

Devika Arora is a prolific writer who compiles relevant facts and analyzes the current state of affairs pertaining to the domain of education in India. She is currently writing informative articles, news stories and blog posts on Indian educational institutes and the various courses offered by them. The above article discusses about top ranking B-schools in South India.

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  1. Top Business Schools in India

    Jul 26. 2013

    Southern India witnessed a spurt in professional education a decade back. But as of 2013, the scenario has changed completely. More B-schools are applying for closure than those that are coming up. It’s not typical of Peninsular India, but the entire country as a whole.

    Engineering colleges in the southern states which experienced the maximum growth in the professional education space are now downing their shutters. Many colleges have trimmed their management programmes.

    The once supreme MBA course cuts a sorry figure now, atleast in the eyes of the AICTE, which received around 230 applications from management colleges requesting to close down. It has approved 80 of them.

    The names listed by the author are indeed some of the top business schools in India, and the student community needs more such institutes. But they can’t afford to make the three mistakes other B-schools made: run with below-par teaching quality, little or no authoritative faculty and lack of job offers post programme completion.

    But things are again looking brighter as the economy revives, as the AICTE has received 120 fresh applications from business schools for the upcoming academic year.

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  2. Colleges in India

    Aug 03. 2013

    WLCI College, is one of the leading professional training institute with 12 campuses in India. WLCI offers graduate and under graduate programmes in Business management, Fashion Technology and Advertising & Graphic Design.

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  3. Student

    Aug 25. 2013

    Which college in India do you prefer most? Let us know and we’ll do the college review 🙂

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  4. Ravinder Tulsiani

    Jun 14. 2015

    very nice

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  5. Top Business Schools in India

    Dec 15. 2015

    I would like to prefer MISB Bocconi. Nice article shared.

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