affordable international studies abroad and how to finance them for student life online review

Best Tips to Make Study Abroad More Affordable

One should not decide not to study abroad due to cost, before making this decision one should fast gather sufficient information from the internet or from recently returned students from abroad about how study life is there. Many people tend to think that studying ... Continue Reading →
Requirements to become a travel nurse

The Pros and Cons of Travel Nursing

As with any job, travel nursing has its pros and cons. Unlike other jobs, however, these pros and cons are very extreme, and as most travel nurses will tell you, either you’ll love it or you’ll hate it. Being a Travel Nurse If you’re on the fence as to whether ... Continue Reading →
tips and guidance to study abroad in U.K. as an American college student

Studying in the United Kingdom – What US College Students Need to Know

Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity for any student; it gives you a unique chance to truly immerse yourself in another culture. The United Kingdom is the most popular destination for American college students to study abroad, with 12% of American students ... Continue Reading →
The Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Nurse

The Pros and Cons of Being a Travel Nurse

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are more than 2.7 million registered nurses working around the country. However, the demand for nurses is on the rise, and many facilities are dealing with nursing shortages. Travel nurses are professionals who ... Continue Reading →
Review and Tips for RVing survival guide for Student Travels

RVing with the Family: A Survival Guide

What parent doesn’t relish the thought of a family vacation? The kids in the backseat hitting each other, asking when you’ll get there for the hundredth time; your spouse refusing to stop and ask for directions; the ten bucks that you’ll have ... Continue Reading →