The Trainees Will Be Better Paid and Better Supported

Better payment, leave and tickets restaurants permissions: Here are some of the measures provided by the law of 10 July 2014 on the development and supervision of internships. The decree was published on 30 of November.

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Gratification increased and reimbursement of transportation costs

The minimum bonus internship over 2 months is adjusted: it goes from 436 € to 523 € per month (43.5 extra € from 30 November 2014 to € 43.5 over from 1 September 2015). This bonus is now tax exempt. In addition, students can now take advantage of meal vouchers (or canteen) and reimbursement of transportation costs as well as the employees of the company.

A better framework to limit abuse

Coaching courses also strengthened: at the present time the trainee in the company cannot be higher than that of employees, and the training period cannot exceed 6 months. Also, leave of absence are “necessarily included in the internship agreement.” To limit the abuse of trainees in business, they must now comply with a maximum “quota” set according to the number of employees. In addition, buy levitra levitra online prescription dapoxetine they are forbidden to use an intern to “fill a regular task corresponding to a permanent job.”

Assistance with research internship through the establishment

The side of the school, new requirements are put in place to strengthen the integration of the course in the curriculum. The institution must, among others accompany the student or the student during his internship search, “by identifying opportunities and preparing for interviews.” According to the Ministry of Education, this law is threefold: better integration of courses in the training curriculum, more coaching “to limit abuse” and strengthening the quality of the placement and status of the intern. The new legislative framework laid down by the law and the implementing decree applies to all courses, whether periods of workplace training provided for secondary education or internship of higher education, and all the host organizations, whether public or private law.

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