Test Your Motivation For Your Studies

Are you motivated by your education? A little, a lot, not at all? To make the point, do you test the “Motive meter”, a questionnaire that probes the major sources of motivation.

Test your motivation for your studies

Test his motivation, for what? Just to take the temperature of this psychological factor, so important for the student. Indeed, motivation is a key to successful study.
It is the impulse that allows you to get to work, to adopt best practices, to persevere in difficulties or after a failure to take gradually confidence, and even often finds the taste and fun to explore…

But before trying to motivate you, it is good to know where you stand. Love that we offer here was established by psychologists methodological support center at the University of Laval in Quebec. It draws on the work motivation of a Quebec researcher, Rolland Viau, and appears in a small guide on the motivation for students.

motivation for your studies

The Motive meter

Just answer this questions. For each question, say if the statement applies to you:

0 = Seldom or never
1 = Infrequently
2 = Occasionally
3 = Quite often
4 = The majority of the time

1- I believe have the skills and abilities necessary for successful studying. ()

2- When I prepare my courses and exams, I feel competent, knowledgeable. ()

3- I think the training I received will help me achieve my personal and professional goals. ()

4- I feel that the knowledge taught in my classes are for me, or will help me. ()

5- I pursue specific goals in my studies. ()

6- I believe that success is primarily determined by regular efforts and good working method. ()

7- I believe I have some control over my career path. ()

8- I consider that there is a correspondence between the efforts I made and the results I get. ()

9- I will participate in various activities related to my studies and my future professional activities. ()

10- If a question is asked in class, I answer it or tries to find the answer. ()

11. I take the opportunities that are available to me to discuss with teachers, my course or my future plans. ()

12. My grades satisfy me. ()

13- I wonder about how to be effective in achieving my work and my method adjusts as needed. ()

14. I try to keep my attention and concentration in class. ()

15. I make sure to take the least possible delay in my school work. ()

16- I demonstrate perseverance in school work. ()

17. I enjoy attending my classes. ()

18. Overall, I am interested in my studies. ()

Analyze your results

– If your answers are mostly 0 or 1: motivation seems fragile. Do not be discouraged, you can improve it (by following the advice given below) and make the pursuit of your most profitable and enjoyable study.

– If your answers are mostly between 1 and 3: motivation seems good. You are on the right buy levitra online by paypal track, persevere in your efforts and you will get there.

– If your answers are mostly between 3 and 4: congratulations, motivation appear excellent. Just continue in that direction.

This test was not done at random. The authors measure motivation in terms of three factors, which are in their three drivers of engagement of a student:

  1. The value you place for your studies: the more they seem useful to you, the more you are motivated to work; plus they serve your goals, academic, professional, social, the more you want to succeed. This is what test such questions 3, 4, 5 or 11.
  2. The perception of your skills: the more you have confidence in your abilities, and you are motivated to follow the teachings, attend classes and do the exercises. Your past experiences, partly condition that feeling that is also not always objective. This is what such test questions 1, 2 or 10.
  3. Feel able to act on your success: the more you “check” the course of your studies more you master the exercises and can act on your results, the more you are motivated. Conversely, if you feel that your efforts are ineffective, you may lose all motivation. This is what test such questions 6, 8 or 13.

How to inflate his motivation?

To recharge the batteries of your motivation, you can act in these three directions:

  1.  Give yourself goals in the long term, but also in the short term: Explore the opportunities of your studies, do internships and build a professional project that attracts you. Find meaning in each course, ask about its application or utility. Finally, plan your daily and weekly working hours and set concrete targets for each stage (end such chapter read such a book for the end of the week, etc.)
  2. Develop your skills: for this he must produce a regular staff work and persevere. Make further reading by teachers, also working in a group and enjoy the support offered by your university (BU, tutoring, academic advisor, manager of TD). Do not isolate yourself and participate in the activities proposed in connection with your studies (junior business travel, project). Finally, if you lack confidence in yourself, do not set your shortcomings, but watch your progress.
  3. Adopt good methods to succeed: Try to find work methods that suit you and will be effective. Enjoy again for your help and university resources. Learn to integrate knowledge, understand, memorize them and reuse them. In any case, do not fall behind. Instead, take the habit of working every day… The results will quickly go, which will boost your motivation.

Where to start? Everything depends on you: return to the results of “Motive meter” and assess your gaps: there is more to be done for the right lever motivation.

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