Student’s Guide to Saving Money in the Summer

Planning the next year of college can be stressful. Whether you are a first year college student or getting ready to go back to your university, you know it is going to cost money to attend school. Take some time out of your summer to establish a plan to save money in order to be as financially stress-free as possible once school arrives. The only thing you should worry about is your academics. Finances should not trouble you as long as you budget and save money during the summer.

How to save money for student summer vacation

Find a Job

If you are not currently working, consider finding a part- or full-time job. Right now is the perfect time to save money in anticipation for your next year in college. You can still have a lot of fun during the summer, just make sure that you are responsible as well. Places like coffee shops open early so if you get a good schedule you can start work early and get off work and have plenty of time to enjoy the sun. Put aside at least half of your earnings every week to save for the next school year. Every bit helps; your earnings can pay for your books or a few months’ worth of rent.

Learn to Cook

Now is the best time to experiment on creating different dishes. Since you are not back to school yet, make an effort to establish cooking habits. Too many students simply do not cook enough and end up spending a lot of money eating out. There is nothing wrong with eating out every now and then but you save a lot more money when you decide to stay in and cook. Show off your skills and impress your friends with your ability to make a fine dish.

Reduce Your Class Load with Summer School

Taking a course at a community college is far less expensive than at a traditional university. Consider enrolling in one or two courses during the summer to take the stress off the amount of classes you have to take during the regular school year. You can use the time you save to pick up a part time job while in college so that you always have some money coming in all year long. Online courses are even offered that allow you flexibility to enjoy summer to the fullest. Double check that the courses you enroll in will transfer to your university.

Search for Scholarships or Grants

Spend some time looking for scholarships or grants. Thousands of scholarships and grants exist online. You can find a lot of aid available to you if you search hard enough. Most scholarships require you to submit an essay or meet certain requirements in order to apply. Make a goal to apply to a certain amount of scholarships before summer is over and by the time school starts you could have a lot of extra money to use towards you education.

One of the best resources online to find more information on how to save for college is at Shmoop. Browse through the website and read the information provided. Students can find valuable insight on how to save and plan for education. Follow the good advice and do not stress about money for college.

This article was written by Greg Beasley, a graduate student earning his Master’s in Education. Greg hopes to become a Professor at a top-notch university, and recommends using online services like Money Jobs to find employment opportunities and save money for school.

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