How Students Can Find Cheap Health Insurance

You may be young and virile, but no one–not even an image of perfect health, like yourself–is impervious to the occasional illness or accident due to momentary klutziness. Unless you plan to go to class in a Hazmat suit covered in bubble wrap and encased in Nerf, you could require a trip to the emergency room–and, if you are uninsured, the medical bills could prove staggering. Yes, you need health insurance. And, thankfully, the premiums will be much less costly than fancy protective garb and a pile of Nerf.

One Hazmat suit…

Here are a few options worth exploring:


The Parental Plan

Mom and Dad are the best, aren’t they? Not only have the fed and clothed you for your entire life, but, if their health insurance plan offers dependent coverage, they can look after your medical needs too. Right up until you reach the age of 26.

One caveat? You will need to make sure that your parents’ plan will cover emergency room visits in your college town. If there is not a network-approved physician near your school, you may have to pay more out-of-pocket expenses. Plus, some policies exclude injuries caused by taking part in college sports.

According to The Simple Dollar’s “Student Health Insurance and Coverage Options,” upon your 26th birthday, you may be able to extend your coverage for up to 36 months using COBRA.

bubble wrap
Plus one extra thick layer of bubble wrap….


Your School’s Insurance Plan

As a college or university student, you likely have one unique option open to you–the Student Health Insurance Plan or “SHIP” offered by your educational institution. As the Young Invincibles’ “Heath Care Questions? Health Care Answers” states, “college health plans have a major advantage over other health insurance options because the premium costs are grouped with other higher education expenses, levitra buy levitra canada order such as tuition and room and board, so your student loans can assist with that.”

When deciding whether or not to go this route, be sure to compare prices against those available on the Marketplace and make sure you don’t qualify for Medicaid.

Followed by a hefty layer of nerf….

The Marketplace

The Marketplace, also known as the “Exchange” enables you to easily comparison shop for the best plan at the most affordable price. And, you cannot be denied due to pre-existing conditions–not that a healthy specimen like yourself is worried about that, of course.

ABC News‘ “6 Health Insurance Options for College Students” talks with Jen Mishory, Deputy Director of Young Invincibles, stating that you could qualify “if your household income is up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level and you meet other criteria.” These tax credits can make these plans very affordable.

Equals one sweaty student requiring medical attention.



You may actually qualify for Medicaid, depending upon which state you call “home.” The Health Insurance Marketplace states that “the Affordable Care Act provides states with additional federal funding to expand their Medicaid programs to cover adults under 65 with income up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level.” If you reside in a participating state, this could spell “good news” for you.

There is absolutely no reason to forgo health insurance and let a spastic moment or a nasty germ earn you a hefty medical bill. Health insurance will not only protect your health and your bank account, but it will also give you piece of mind. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping.

If you would like to explore other health insurance options, check out the great ideas found at “5 Places to Find Cheap Health Insurance.” You’ll be glad you did.

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