Live Like a King or Queen on a Student’s Budget: Your Guide to Extreme Couponing

The coupon craze has hit towns, cities and even the smallest villages in recent years and for good reason. People of all ages can benefit from a reduced grocery bill and even get discounts on the finer things in life with the revolution of coupon clipping, which is great news for cash-strapped students! But where do you begin if you are new to this budget-friendly way of living?

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Get to Grips with Your Sources

Where you get your coupons from is the ultimate step when it comes to coupon clipping but be warned couponing isn’t for everyone. Many people find the whole process very overwhelming and the tedious task of cutting the smallest of coupons from newspaper after newspaper doesn’t help – but the pros often outweigh the cons for many more!

There are two places where you will find the majority of coupons – newspapers is one great source, so why not subscribe to your regional and national Sunday newspaper as these bumper editions often have a wide range of coupons to cut out. Scan each and every page and never miss out on a great deal. Another source is online, there are a number of popular websites offering a never-ending range of printable coupons.

Organisation is Key

Many extreme couponeers have a complex filing system to organise their coupons, which is highly recommended! Not only will this take the hassle out of each and every shopping trip, you can also keep tabs on what products you have coupons for using a system that only needs a glance to find the deal you are looking for. There are even coupon organisation folders on the market, which prove to be a worthy investment for the most extreme coupon addicts!

Map Out a Plan of Action

Shopping with coupons needs military precision or you do tend to waste a lot of time as the majority of coupons require you to shop at certain stores to retrieve your discount. Before you venture out, map which stores you need to shop in and separate your coupons in accordance with the route. If most of your vouchers can be retrieved online, why not reach for the keyboard instead of your car keys and bag your bargains on the net!

If you are shopping in person make a list and put a star next to the items that you have a coupon for, this will certainly save you a headache when it comes to checking out!

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