A-level revision – Move to e-revision, books are too expensive

A-level exams are better known as academic qualifications that all students with ages between 16 and 18 must pass in order to pursue a college degree. Unlike GCSEs, A-levels are considered a lot more complex and elaborated. As far as exam revisions are concerned, students are advised to turn their attention to e-revision and online learning. For some, books are just too expensive to buy. The internet on the other hand is a lot cheaper, and usually free of charge in schools. Hence, it’s simpler and more practical to download study guides and e-books rather than invest lots of money in books.

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Can e-revision be just as effective as regular exam revision?

Surprisingly, yes it can as long as the study sessions are done right. As we all know, the internet is the best distraction when it’s time to revise for exams. A lot of students access social media websites and play games rather than dedicate their time to downloading study material for their A-levels. Here’s what to do to stay focused on your exam revisions:

  • Open one internet page and look for the official website of your school
  • Download the needed material
  • Look for past papers (download them and use them to test your abilities)
  • Don’t forget to download the syllabus

E-learning is accessible to anyone, and that’s actually the beauty of online studying for A-level exams. If you’re home schooled or if you can’t afford to pay for books, acquiring the material you need from the web has become an extremely convenient endeavor.

The key to e-revisions

E-learning is inefficient for those who are poorly motivated or chaotic, since it requires patience and self discipline. Studies have shown that when they learn by themselves, students gain a lot more confidence in what they know. The secret to successful e-revisions lies in the simplest facts:

  • Always look up things that you don’t understand online (search your school’s forum for additional information)
  • Use visual aids – diagrams, charts, symbols, illustrations – but write them by hand on a piece of paper not or your laptop or computer
  • Download study guides
  • Take notes and use the internet to get clearance on matters that seem too complex

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Tips and tricks for a proper exam e-revision session

It’s important that you keep a record of the online can i buy levitra at walgreens sources or books you’re learning from so that you can always know where to go back in case you need help. No matter the level of knowledge you’ve reached, it’s wise to make a proper revision, take notes, and look for the best learning strategies. Let’s check out some effective tips:

Technology requirements

Prior to starting your exam revision, don’t forget to make sure that your software, hardware, and internet bandwidth are working properly

Course navigation

It’s important for your navigation tools to be intuitive; include links to glossaries, an online community, and others references


Break down courses into manageable sections and deal with them in sessions of 20 minutes (each at the time)


E-revisions call for simple fonts such as Helvetica or Arial because so easy to read on screen


Contrasting colors for fonts and backgrounds will make your A-level exam revision a lot more convenient

Patterned teaching

Make sure to work on various aspects and examples that are closely related to the content in your study course or online course book


It should be used right and applied in the most logical way possible

A-level students have switched to e-revision because books are pricey; yet, that’s not the only reason. Believe it or not, when done right e-learning can be a lot more productive. The internet is an excellent learning tool that places at our disposal a virtual world of information. Although books are excellent materials, sometimes they’re inaccessible from various reasons. Students on scholarships find it a lot more convenient to organize their study sessions using online study materials. E-books, notes, and guides are at your fingertips, and the good news they’re free.

The new generation learns a lot better online because they interact differently. Social media makes e-learning a lot more convenient. Schools have official websites and Facebook pages meant to keep students updated with the latest news and provide them with qualitative materials for their A-level exams. That’s certainly great news for those with limited budgets and access to real books.

Christopher Austin is very much concerned about his son’s education. His son is preparing for his A-level exams these days and Christopher is helping him in his revision. They took help of yorknotes.com for getting revision notes and chapter summaries on English Literature.

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