Have You Started Looking For Student Accommodation For Next Year?

Whilst it might seem too early to be considering student accommodation for the next academic year the best accommodation tends to get taken very quickly. Getting your student accommodation booked now means that you will have a much larger choice, whereas waiting may mean you are potentially left picking through less desirable options.

There are a range of accommodation options for students, including university halls, private halls and private student housing so to run through the options we have enlisted the help of student accommodation experts, StudentHQ Lettings based in Lancaster.

Student Accommodation

University halls tend to be a good option for first year students as they are a great place to meet new friends and get used to your new surroundings before venturing off campus. Due to limited availability they are not normally an option for second and third year students. Halls are a great place to make friends and settle into university life but they do have several drawbacks. Firstly life in halls can be pretty noisy, with hundreds of students crammed into large multi-storey blocks, whilst this is great when you are enjoying the party lifestyle it can be a problem if you are trying to get some sleep the night before some important exams! Living in shared halls will also mean sharing communal facilities such as a kitchen and bathroom with students who may have different priorities to you! Cleaning up someone else’s mess before you can use the kitchen is never going to be much fun! Finally halls can be very expensive, with a basic single bedroom often costing well over one hundred pounds a week.

Private student halls offer the chance to move off campus whilst staying in similar accommodation to that provided in halls, albeit often buy levitra dapoxetine more luxurious. Whilst this option suits some students you will still have to contend with similar problems to those encountered whilst living in university halls, such as noisy neighbours and high rental charges. In fact many private halls are incredibly expensive, which means less money for an all-important night out!

We feel that after a year in university halls renting a private student house represents the best option for most students. Living independently within the community with a small group of friends (generally up to six) allows you enjoy yourself without the restrictions imposed by both university halls and private halls. This also offers you the chance to get to know the city where you are studying far more intimately, enjoying the benefits of local pubs, restaurants and shops.  By renting a shared student house you have total independence, deciding where you want to live and with whom, unlike student halls. This gives you the flexibility to enjoy university as you wish without the need to tolerate those less similar to yourself. The one huge benefit of choosing to rent a student house has got to be value for money! By renting a student house can often make large savings when compared to halls, which comes in handy when living on a tight student budget. With many landlords now offering all inclusive rental packages you also have the benefit of knowing exactly how much you will be paying each week with no nasty shocks!

Whatever option you choose it is important to make the most of your university experience by embracing opportunities and exploring your surroundings. For many people university is the first chance to experience real independence so don’t let your choice of accommodation hold you back.

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This article was written by Peter Mercer – Owner of StudentHQ Lettings – a local student lettings business located in Lancaster. Peter is an expert in the property industry and has over 10 years experience renting to students.

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