10 Facts About Self-Defense Training

When it comes to self-defense training, most people think about women learning how to protect themselves against an attack. While this is a very real part of training, it’s not the whole picture. Functional self-defense training isn’t only for women. Here are 10 facts that you may not have known about this important training:

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Men Need Self-Defense Training

According to Disaster Center crime statistics, there are over 750,000 people assaulted each year. While criminals may choose women to target more often than men, men are still victims. Self-defense training can teach you how to protect yourself from assault; man or woman. Don’t assume that because you are a man you are automatically able to thwart off an attack.

You Don’t Have to Be in Shape

Self-defense training is appropriate for people of both genders, of all ages and in varying types of physical condition. This type of training teaches you how to use your body’s natural strengths in your defense. Because training is done in a step-by-step style, you don’t need to be an athlete, or even in shape, to train.

All Ages Welcome

Self-defense training is as important for children as it is for the elderly and for everyone in between. Anyone can become a victim; a criminal won’t ask for your I.D. card before robbing you of your property.

People with Special Needs Can Train

It doesn’t matter if you utilize a wheelchair, a cane or other types of mobility assistance. A great self-defense instructor can help you work with the tools you have and the mobility that you possess. Don’t let special needs stop you from taking self-defense courses.

You Don’t Need Supplies

Other than comfortable clothing and a pair of sneakers, self-defense training doesn’t require you to possess any supplies. During self-defense training you will be taught how to use your body as a tool. Your limbs, hands and feet are all you need to effectively protect yourself.

It’s Not Traumatic

People who have been attacked often fear taking a self-defense class, worrying that they will be traumatized. The difference between an attack and a simulated attack is that you are familiar with and granting permission to, your instructor. Self-defense training will empower you, not traumatize you.

It Works with Practice

If you take a self-defense class and never practice your new skills, they will be virtually useless. On the other hand, if you practice your drills, even by yourself, they’ll quickly become habit. Instead of having to wrack your brain trying to remember what you learned, your body will automatically respond.

You Don’t Have to Fight

Self-defense training doesn’t teach you how to brawl in the street. What it does teach you is to fight off your attacker in a way that gives you room to escape. Self-defense training isn’t a sparring class; the purpose of training is to enable you to escape an attack as unscathed as possible.

Weapons Aren’t Enough

While you may carry mace, a taser or even a gun, you won’t always have time to use your weapon to protect yourself. In fact, if you are attacked from behind or even from the side, you may not have the necessary room to use your weapon.

You Have the Right to Be Independent

Many experts will tell you not to walk alone and not to exercise outdoors after dark. The truth is this: You have the right to walk, job, hike, bike, run, or window-shop at any time of the day or night that you wish. You also have the right to do these things without having to find a buddy to tag along. Self-defense training will give you the necessary skills to protect yourself should someone decide that you look like a victim.

No matter if you’re 13 or 85, a man or a woman, athletic or sedentary, you will benefit from self-defense training. If you’ve ever considered taking a self-defense course, there’s no reason to wait a second longer. Not only will you learn how to defend yourself, but you will gain self-confidence with your very first lesson.

Author Celine Backus teaches self defense classes at a local women’s center on weekends. Being able to defend yourself can let you be more independent and feel safer.

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