Responsible Gambling

Firstly, what is gambling? It is playing a game where you have a chance of winning money or a prize or of leaving with less money than you started with. It is becoming a more and more popular pastime for students around the world, as many see games like online poker as a quick way of making a bit of extra cash. Many forget that there is a chance of loosing too.

students having fun together in a group playing poker

Chances of winning

students funs playing cardsWhen you gamble you should be aware of your chances of winning, which is all about probabilities. For instance on the roulette wheel there are 18 reds, 18 blacks and 1 green, so the probability of spinning a red is 18/37, just under 50%. Every time you bet on red or black the chances of winning are just the same. It is impossible to predict the outcome.

Not all gambling games are based on chance. Poker and sport betting is based to at least some extent on skill.
Most people gamble for entertainment, for fun. They enjoy it as they would enjoy any other entertainment. They know how much it is going to cost them, and although they enjoy it even more when they win, they are quite prepared to lose. This is what we call responsible gambling.

Responsible gambling

But, gambling does have a dark side for a small proportion of people. Around 0.6% of people who start gambling become addicted to it.
Fortunately the vast majority of gambling businesses support the ethos of responsible gambling. It is not in their interests to have problem gamblers; they are not good for the industry’s reputation. So they provide help for anyone you does have problems with it and they do their best to provide information that can help people avoid becoming hooked.

gamble with safety and request for support if gambling becomes addictive

Responsible gambling is gambling for fun. The golden rule is to only gamble with what you can afford to lose, and the platinum rule is to never chase your losses. The silver rule is to stop while you are ahead. Try the best casinos online at but remember to gamble responsibly.

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