Six Must-Have Mobile Apps for College Students

There’s no denying the fact: College students comprise a major chunk of smartphone users with school children closely bringing up the rear! So, it’s no surprise that application creators are targeting the former group with a vengeance. Here’s a roundup of six of the finest mobile apps geared to aid college education.

Essential apps for students

School Helper

This handy Android-based app makes college work a breeze. Students can use it to control study schedules, input notes, insert screen widgets, summarize subjects, organize homework, create examination timetables as well as display, weight, and appraise their test marks – quickly and simply. It’s no wonder that School Helper, usable in both English and German, garnered the junior honor at the First International App Art Awards meted by the Center for Art and Media Technology.

Apps for Students School Helper


This is another prized app that greatly benefits college students. Inkling essentially allows students to buy study material and related books directly from their iPads and iPhones and have either selected chapters or whole content displayed for their convenience. The unique feature of this app is that the displayed study material is loaded with extra functionalities and can be personalized in many different ways. Students can:

  • Take advantage of automatically created chapters and navigation aids
  • Make use of embedded multimedia, charts, podcasts, and 3D imaging
  • Employ smart search as well as Google search
  • Highlight, annotate, and share content with acquaintances
  • Make use of engaging built-in quizzes, puzzles, and learning tools
  • Profit from regular updates

Inkling is 34.5MB in size, requires iOS 5.0 or later

Essential Apps for College Students Inkling App

Evernote Peek

Evernote, the hugely popular cloud annotating service, enhances college life further with their Peek application. This ingenious app transforms the text of students’ study material into questions and answers. Partially raising the smart cover generates the question and raising the concerned cover further reveals the answer. The above learning procedure can be replicated via virtual covers and swipes for those without smart covers. The study material can be any book procured from the students’ Evernote account. The app is 68.9MB in size, requires iOS 4.3 or later.

Student Apps Evernote Peek Review


This iOS app revolutionizes note taking by enabling students to take video, audio, and imaging notes besides the regular text notes. Students can also benefit from features like background recording, iTunes file exchange, retina display support, notifications, task scheduling, and homework maintenance – to name a few.

Best Apps for College Students

Graphing Calculator

Why spend precious dollars on scientific calculators when you can derive the same service for a pittance? Enter Graphing Calculator that permits students to conduct complex equations and comes with enviable attributes like personalized keyboard, screenshots, email, multitasking, real-time graph scrolling, and much more.

Student Apps for College students Graphing Calculator


Students largely work in groups and this multi-platform app is the definitive app to facilitate the exchange of valuable study material and related files. Further, Dropbox obviates the need to invariably carry devices and enables the ready access of files – anytime and anywhere. The app is free to download from:

  • iTunes
  • Google

Essential Apps for Students Dropbox File sharing

These apps will help you as a student to master college as well as further education programs. Which is your favorite app? Do let us know by leaving a comment luv below.

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    Thanks Steven

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