Top 10 Reasons to be a Student For Life

Being a student, is more than a state of mind, it’s a passion. But now, your studies come to an end and you have about as much desire to register for an employment center than to spend an hour with a ghost. Do not panic, you have the right to never stop your studies and be a perpetual student with long hair and dirty shorts.

lifetime student

Leaving your residence hall brakes your heart

  • Of course, sometimes your roommates have six legs.
  • Of course, your room is so small that you can go to the bathroom by making your dishes.
  • Of course, your home is so bad you heated that you do not need freezer, but the residence university, it is a real family.
  • And you will always be around you real friends(people who take your hair when you vomit).

You have a liver competition

You eventually develop a resistance to alcohol. Your craziest dream is to beat the world record alcohol (13.74 g in the blood, held by a Polish (and do not expect me to make a joke on the people of the East). But as you’re realistic, you know very well you’ll never make it if you get into the workforce.

Your sex life would envy Rock Star

… Well, okay, it may have slight exaggeration there. But you do give up the evenings Erasmus “The color of the pants” for the world (and do not pretend you don’t know what it is).
You have spent years to convince your family that you were working, it would be stupid to stop now

Your mother is so proud of you when she tells her tax auditor that you have not taken a vacation since 1999.Exposing the grim truth will break her heart.You do not plug, stop lying.

The last time you worked, Britney Spears had hair

Every year you put a little push one week before the partial, and you’re in tires with an average of 10.01, because you worth it.

That way, you’ll never be unemployed

Thanks to you, unemployment trends will reverse. And you might get a medal.

Since you still go to school, you always have the right to take a taste

At base of Nutella, mainly.

You can get up to seventeen hours without feeling guilty

Even if, like every year, you were promised yourself in September to attend all lecture halls. Congratulations veal.

You have about five months of vacation a year

An urban legend that most people only have five weeks of vacation a year, and you refuse to live in a cruel world. So, you do strike.

Get back + 36, which will allow you to show off for three lives

Unlike your cousin Scott, this loser who started working after he graduate, you will never cease to learn. Of course, everyone will wonder about the reasons that led you to register your license.

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