Know about acne formations and possible causes of acne in teenage

Basically, acne can be considered as the disease of hair follicles rooted in the back portion, chest and face. Most of the people are affected by this very disease during puberty period however; women can develop acne in the age range of 15-20 years. Although acne or acne vulgaris is not caused by any bacteria but bacteria may play a major role in the development of acne. It should be noted here that acne is not caused by a single cause rather various factors and health conditions are responsible for the formation and rigorous development of acne in young-aged people.

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Appearance types of acne

Acne does not appear on your skin in a single form rather there are different types of acne formations such as: –

  • Pustules
  • Pimples or zits which are soft red bumps
  • Blackheads or whiteheads
  • Cysts

Major causes and formation pattern of acne

Irrespective of the sex of the person, acne can occur to anyone because its formation and development has been greatly related to hormonal secretion, testosterone. During puberty period, sebaceous glands are stimulated due to which more and more oil is secreted which is basically associated with skin protection and lubrication. However, the usual pattern of cell growth in skin changes drastically which later on, clogs the follicles which typically appear as the whitehead. With increment in the heads or greater exposure of whiteheads, outer skin layer becomes darker and called as blackheads. No doubt, the same acne will become bumps and when accompanied with inflammation, the acne will naturally become a cyst. Some of the occasional causes of acne are mentioned below –

  • Drugs – It has been recently noticed that drug medications comprising of steroid injections, bromides and iodides may aggravate acne. Some other drugs responsible for acne formations are lithium and anticonvulsant medications.
  • Cosmetics – Any kind of cosmetic product which clogs the follicular pores will cause and aggravate acne. You should choose specific kind of cosmetic product which is greatly water-based in the list of ingredients.
  • Unwanted pressure – Some of the patients are affected by acne when their body faces pressure from chin straps, helmets, suspenders and collars which cause friction and skin irritation, resulting in more secretion of skin oil.

Common suppositions of acne causes – no direct link or evidence

A major segment of people think about many things which are often considered as causes to acne aggravation or formations however; there are no scientific proof. It is much better for people to know about all those myths or mild causes of acne that have no real evidence or research base. Some of the causes are mentioned below –

  • Dirt – Oxidized oil form blackheads, not dirt.
  • Food or diet – Junk or fried food causes acne which is not true but recent researches have shown some signs of taking pure chocolate or milk products as the cause of acne aggravation.
  • Heredity
  • Stress

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    Teenagers are mostly affected by the problem of acne or pimples.Neem is also effective for treating acne as it has the property of cleansing the body of toxins. For action against acne scars, placing neem leaf directly on the affected area provide the good results in no time.

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