Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas For College Students

You are never too old for Halloween. Sure, you may have given up trick-or-treating years ago. And you’re far too mature to ever toilet paper someone’s house. But that doesn’t mean that you no longer enjoy throwing on a costume and partaking in the haunted festivities. The only problem is your mom–a.k.a. your own personal seamstress–is miles away and you haven’t got a clue what to wear. All you know is that you want to look great for as little money as possible.

Halloween college

You can whip together an expert ensemble without any parental participation. And, if for any reason that fails, you can always opt for a reasonable retail facsimile.

You’ve Got “Game”

This Halloween, showcase your playful side with a costume that would make The Parker Brothers proud. Dress in an all-white ensemble, tape primary-colored circles all over your body, and bingo, you’re a game of Twister. Get your paws on a large, square, cardboard box, cover it with colored construction paper squares of equal proportions and you are the world’s most frustrating toy, the Rubik’s Cube. Or don your darkest blacks from head to toe, strategically place some white dots on your torso and, bam, you have been transformed into a domino.

If shopping is more your thing, there are a number of game-inspired costumes available for purchase. Who doesn’t remember the childhood pressures of performing surgery on a wide-awake patient whose nose would light up and buzz as you tried to return the butterflies to his stomach or repair his broken heart? Well, now you can be the patient in the Operation Board Game Adult Halloween Costume that comes with a full jumpsuit, mask, and cut-out body parts. Team up with two buddies and don the Rock Paper Scissors Group Costume from Halloween Express, which comes with–you guessed it–a smock-style rock, sheet of paper, and pair of scissors. And, if you are feeling particularly brave, the Bull’s-Eye Dartboard Adult Costume will keep you ducking and weaving all night long.

You’ve Got Halloween “Taste”

If you’ve always dreamt of being completely surrounded by sweets, this is your chance. Get one large, clear garbage bag and cut out arm holes and leg holes. The open side will be for your head. Next, fill the bag with inflated balloons of all colors. Tie the open ends over your shoulders like a pair of overalls and–presto–you are a bag of jelly beans. Make a logo for your candies and throw it across the front. If you opt for all brown levitra online australia balloons, you could be a box of chocolate-covered raisins. For the health-conscious crowd, simply throw on some purple leggings and a purple top, tape purple balloons all over yourself, and you have been converted into a bunch of grapes.

Balloon-y costumes do make sitting down rather difficult. So, if you’d rather head to the stores for your faux food attire, look no further. Couples will love the Peanut Butter and Jelly Adult Couple Halloween Costume, complete with a foam peanut butter on bread tunic and a foam jelly on bread tunic mate. Gene’s Burger Costume, from Yandy, comes complete with a foam hamburger overlay–lettuce, tomato, cheese, and a sesame seed bun included–and a fake microphone. And, the Unisex Diet Coke Can Tunic Adult Costume’s cylindrical vinyl suit looks just like “the real thing.”

You’ve Got Culture… Pop Culture

Popular Culture is filled with icons just begging to be mimicked–and Halloween is the perfect time to do it. Get a large, rectangular, cardboard box and cut out a picture window and arm holes. Decorate the box in Barbie pink, do yourself up in glamorous Barbie-style, put the box on over your head, and you have now become a packaged doll by Mattel. Dressing up like The Office‘s resident weirdo, Dwight Shrute, is a breeze. All that is required is a somewhat dated suit in dark or baby-poop brown, an ugly dress shirt, and brown tie. Part your hair perfectly straight down the middle, throw on a pair of glasses with thin wire frames, and plaster on your dopiest grin. You’re now ready to work for Dunder Mifflin.

If you prefer pre-fab to homemade, the world of retail has you covered. Get in touch with your inner redneck with the Duck Dynasty Phil Adult Costume. Complete with a camouflage vest–naturally–and a bandana that is attached to a Phil-esque wig and beard, this outfit will have you mastering the art of duck-calling in no time. And if you long to blend into a crowd, the Where’s Waldo? Halloween Costume is the perfect pick with an officially licensed Waldo hat, signature striped shirt, and glasses.

Yes, you can come up with a prize-winning look without spending a wallet-emptying sum. So get out there and have a fun. And leave the toilet paper at home, where it belongs.

What will you be dressing up as for Halloween this year?

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