A Few Tips to Improve Your Student Life

Student life is not that easy, at least not as good as we think. Between classes, revisions, group work, internships or having to work on evenings and / or weekends to pay for your studies, this is often a lot. Of course, being a student, there are also great things to do like having fun with friends, clubbing, unforgettable evenings…

improve student life tips

Main objective: to succeed in school!

Being a student, it is primarily to acquire new knowledge and skills that will enable you to more easily find a job in the workforce. So in these times rather disorders from an economic point of view, why not just follow your university course carefully, BTS, IUT or school (trade, engineer, artist, etc.).

Of course, for many students, it is relatively complicated. Why? Simply because it is not always motivating to get up at dawn the morning (especially after an evening too watered) or because the head teacher does not return you!

So, to avoid unpleasant surprises in the day of the exams, you will find plenty of material on Internet that will largely help. Between online courses, corrected exercises about exams, record revisions or the methodology sheets, you will have access to what you need!So you will have more reason to miss your school year, unless you fall asleep to your copy!

The course, the obstacle course?

Decreased activity, decreased budgets, future more stringent laws… Find an internship was not necessarily very simple and it will not improve. Indeed, the government plans to limit the abuse of the employment of trainees in the workplace. Large companies will therefore no longer employ battalions of trainees. As a student, so it will complicate your task.

To help you find a good internship you can find websites online which will give you access to advice on cover letters, resumes (CV examples on this page) and also by describing various businesses. I will also advise you to find a direct-student who is specialized in internship opportunities.

Work, in addition to his studies, good or bad solution?

The studies are becoming more and more expensive. Indeed, you must be between 600 and 1200 euros a month if you no longer live with your parents. All this is for food, house, etc. On top of that, you often add tuition, especially for private schools (5,000 to 9,000 euros per year). So in order to get by, many – too many – students have to work in addition to their studies, often in the evening or on weekends. This is not as painful as it provides the student work experience and it allows him to discover the real business world. This is often seen as a plus on a CV, a courage of the student.

However, having a job can also create extra work, significant fatigue and unfortunately declining results. So if you do not have a choice, choose a job that will fit your schedule and that will not penalize you. Because remember that the success of your studies will arise early and orientation of your professional life.

Albert Palacci is writing for several online magazines and websites, more about him you can find on his personal profiles or on his blog.

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I am a professional marketer graduated from London Business School specializing in writing for several online magazines and blogs.

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  1. Jeorgina Manuel

    Jun 03. 2015

    Good and a must read article! I used to take up education before because that’s my mom’s want but as time goes by I learnt that entering college you must choose course you really want not what others want.

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