How to Prolong Your Android Phone’s Battery Life Using Certain Apps

No matter how filled is our Android phone with the most sophisticated of features, the short battery life of most of the phones available in the market breaks our hearts!

It is a real nuisance when just after a few hours of fully charging your phone, you start receiving those beeps, notifying that the phone is in dire need of some charging. Again! And this is when you wish to go back to those archetypal phones that used to last for 3 days once you charged them fully. Well, you don’t really need to take leaps backwards and downwards. While you may not be able to run your phone for three days without charging it, you can significantly increase the battery life of the phone so that it lasts several cycles more than it typically lasts.

Improve Android Battery Life

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Now, several brands have duly recognized and identified that this is a challenge every Android user faces and they clearly have taken measures to not make it a pain for users to keep charging their phones every few users. They have introduced different power modes in their phones that do have an effect on the battery life. But running your phone under those modes also means you will have to restrict the usage of few features, which will only impact the total user-experience in totality. This is where more relevant and effective alternatives had to be looked for. And this article is aimed to bring those alternatives to light.

And no, we are not going to dole out instructions for you to make that possible (since instructions are usually arduous sequences of unrealistic How Tos). Below is a list we have compiled of the best Android apps that you can install in the phone and get your battery life some more power – all of it so seamlessly.

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Juice Defender

Filled with exceptionally remarkable features, Juice Defender does make a serious claim of being the very best among all the apps meant to prolong your phone’s battery life. This app lets you take a greater levitra online prescription control over the functions of your phone like internet surfing, synchronization, etc. You have the freedom to chose that during which app execution your phone’s screen should be on or off. There are modes, like “aggressive” and “balanced,” which make way for a much more feasible and simpler toggling and scheduling of tasks inside the phone.


As the name suggests, Tasker helps you manage the tasks running on the phone. Throughout the day, your phone is letting some apps rub in the background even when they do not serve any purpose. These apps eat up a lot of battery power and affect your phone negatively. Tasker helps you stop such apps or tasks’ execution. That said, Tasker goes beyond these conventional or typical ways of prolonging the battery life. You can preset the enabling of disabling of connections as per you deem right. Folks who have a fixed schedule have found this app to be extremely handy as it allows them to make settings according to the time of the day and the particular location.

Go Battery Saver & Power Widget

The Go Battery Saver & Power Widget not only saves your battery’s life, but it also boasts of some impressive visual features. All you need is to slightly tap the phone’s screen and you can seamlessly toggle the modes that are preset. So, whether you are scrolling through messages or playing a game, everything is simplified.

This app constantly observes the apps running in your phone t o determine which apps are consuming maximum resources and which apps are running without any purpose, closing which will not affect phone’s operation at all. You are given a free rein over enabling and disabling the tasks and the apps and you can also use a feature of this app to clean up the temporary memory of any clutter.

With such resourcefulness to these apps, they automatically get perched in the list of must-have apps for your phone.

Peter Milar is a prolific writer, who works for Xicom Technologies Ltd. and brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around Java development, combining it with his creative writing skills.

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Peter Milar is a prolific writer, who works for Xicom Technologies Ltd. and brings to the table a quantum of knowledge around development, combining it with his creative writing skills.

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