How to Put On Makeup for Job Interview

This is it, the day of your big interview. Your dream job is so close within your reach, provided that you leave a good impression on the interviewing panel. Of course, you are going to dress-to-impress as a grown up that you are. Then if you are a girl, there is the question of putting on makeup or not.

There is nothing wrong with going in bare-faced for a natural look. However, the fact remains that many young women prefer to have a little makeup on. There is nothing wrong with wearing makeup, either. However, keep in mind that you want to look professional and well put together for your interview. Here are a few tips to help you put on makeup for job interview:

Job Interview makeup tips

#1 – Get ready with a clean face:

Before we put anything on, let’s make sure your face is clean. After all, you don’t want to appear messy or smudgy. Start by cleaning your face. It’s also good to apply some moisturizer to keep your skin happy and healthy. A few days before the interview, try to avoid sugary, salty or fatty food. This way, you can minimize blemishes and bloating, which will make putting on makeup much easier. Clear skin is one of the most important factor for make up for job interview.

#2 – Even out your skin tone

With your skin moisturized and ready to go, it’s now time to give your skin a little touch-up. Select a concealer that matches your undertone, and put a light swipe on any blemishes or red spots. You can also choose a lighter shade for the under eye area. This will brighten up your face and emphasize your eyes. Who doesn’t want to look bright and happy for their interview, right?

Keep in mind that the concealer formula can be quite thick. Therefore, make sure the shade matches your skin and blend very well to avoid streaks.

#3 – Use foundation if required

If your skin is smooth and free of blemishes, you can skip this step or use a tinted moisturizer instead. The no-foundation look can be more natural, and very low-maintenance. You won’t have to reapply foundation or check for cakey messes. One less thing to worry about on your big day!

If you think the foundation is needed, try to be light-handed. The concealer has done a good job of covering up whatever you don’t like. The foundation is only a thin layer to help you blend everything together.

#4 – Add a little pink to your cheeks

A little blush can go a long way. Lightly apply some blush to the apple of your cheek. Again, choose a shade that matches your undertone for a natural look. Don’t forget to apply just enough for a subtle, more professional look.

#5 – Eye shadow and eyeliner

Most interviews happen in the daytime, and it’s also best to stick with a day look. That means lighter, neutral colors, such as pink, beige, or champagne.Remember the key to make up for job interview is keeping things clean and professional. Keep the shimmer to a minimum. No glitters, unless the type of job you are applying for specifically required so! Last, seal the deal with a little eyeliner to draw attention to your eyes.

#6 – Lip colors

With lipsticks, you can be a bit more liberating. Go for a clear lip balm, nude shade, or even red for impact. Be sure to use a lip liner, however. Smudging lipsticks is never a good look. You can also put a napkin over your lips, blot off excess, and dab a little powder on top. This will help seal the color throughout the interview.

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