Do TV Programs Have Value for Toddlers

As a parent of a toddler, you know that the television can be your best friend. A television show or movie can keep your toddler quiet for a least a few minutes of peace but is your child really gaining any value from the program? This is a question that many parents ask themselves when considering television programs for toddlers. Small children generally have short attention spans but today’s programs are created with eye-catching colors, music and sound to keep children quiet for long periods of time. As most parents, you want your child to learn in all aspects of their life. This is why real value of television programs is always in question.

Do TV Programs Have Value for Toddlers

The feelings of value in television programming are mixed. Some parents do not allow their child to watch any television or on a very limited basis, while other parents allow their child to watch television whenever they wish. Do these TV programs really educate the children and given them good values? Or, are they just a way of distracting the child and keep it away from mischief?

The choice is ultimately yours but below we will list a few questions and information to help you in your choice.

Underlying themes in programming

With today’s television networks such as Disney and Nickelodeon, every program has an underlying theme. For example, Peppa Pig may seem like the episode is just for the toddler attention span, but, your child is exposed to examples of sharing, caring or being helpful. The creators of programming, especially programming for toddlers, offer a learning theme so your child can not only love the characters but get something out of each episode. This can make you feel better about allowing your child to watch their favorite television show or movie.

Do Children understand and learn from these themes?

Now, you may be asking yourself if a child actually learns order levitra online no prescription from these underlying themes. Overall, children do. When the child watches a television program on a regular basis they begin to see the characters as their friends. When they see examples of the characters being nice or sharing, they will take the values into their own lives. If you provide your child with specific shows that feature values and morals, they will pick up on these themes, especially if you reiterate the theme. By explaining something wrong or right to your child, they can better understand the content.

Learning on their own

You may also find that your child begins to watch television on their own. Perhaps you are cleaning house or preparing a meal. Your child will be exposed to the program without an adult present. You need to be sure that the program is appropriate for your child and what you would like them to learn from. If you are not comfortable with the television show, you will need to change the channel or not allow your child to watch without you. When you are in the room, you can explain situations to your child and help them understand the situation better.

Do TV programs add value to education, learning and development?

Overall, television programs can add value to the education as well as learning and development of your child. You must be aware of the underlying themes of the television programs as well as language and information given. There are plenty of reviews for programs that can be found online so you can be sure of what your child is watching. By being proactive with your child’s television viewing, you can rest assured that your child will learn while watching television and be exposed to content you approve of. This can give you the small break you need without feeling guilty about your child watching a television program.

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