Cheating in Exams Sciences and Law Students Cheat the Most

According to a study by a professor at UQAM, it is in the fields of Sciences and law students cheat the most.


Which students cheat the most in college? In order to combat violations of examinations scourge in Canada (one out 2 students admits that they cheated during their schooling at least in one study), a teacher at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM) wanted to learn more about the profile of these fraudsters students. According to its study students in sciences and law cheat more than others.

Mr Bean cheating in school

The reason – “the most difficult to pass a course”

To achieve these results, Michel Seguin, Professor at the School of UQAM’s management, conducted a survey of 500 university students between 2009 and 2014. The faculties where we find the most academic offenses “are the faculties of science and law,” he says, which he said is “the most difficult to pass a course.” Cheating, however, are limited in art and education.

But nuance Michel Seguin “our study does not control efforts were made by each faculty to catch the culprits.” It is therefore possible that “a faculty that has more means catch more at fault, which would explain these results there” he says.

The pressure encourages fraud

The study also shows that boys that cheats are more than levitra online purchase girls (52.2% against 47.8), and that students born outside Quebec are also more fraudsters. According to Michel Seguin, students from the rest of Canada and abroad represent only 30% of university enrollment, but 73% of perpetrators of the fraud. For the teacher, the consequences of failure in examinations would be great for these students there.

“The residence permit can be revoked and it is feared course the reaction of the family who sent him here to study. There is no pressure at the level of success, “he says. “The results show us that this is not a stigma issue,” he said, indicating that a Quebecois supports a lot of pressure from his parents to succeed has as many “chances” to cheat a student abroad.

The university fight against crimes

Awareness and prevention of academic offenses in recent years are one of the UQAM priorities. Each session start, teachers reminds their students the consequences of academic fraud and the penalties for misconduct. The university also launched a website called “Cheating and academic integrity”, where students can see the particular rules of the institution, based on the principle of zero tolerance.

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