types of stressors

3 Types of Stressors might encounter in College Life

College life consists of pleasant and unpleasant memories. Life consists of various phases and educational phases are the most determining and defining phases of students’ lives. College phase is reckoned as the most remarkable one. Student learns from experiences ... Continue Reading →
student study and health

Benefits Of Figs That Can Help You Prolong Your Life

Figs are known as the fruit of fircus tree which is a part of Moraceae family, known by its common name mulberry family. They have a sweet, soft, chewy texture, and unique taste that are composed of edible as well as slightly crunchy seeds. Fresh figs are perishable ... Continue Reading →
college students must have tech gadgets

Tech-Gadgets Every Student Must Have at College

College life is different from every previous level students have gone through and hence the lifestyle has to change. With technological advancements, everything in this world is evolving, the way businesses operate, the way people live their life and the way people ... Continue Reading →
how important it is to get an online bachelor's degree for student education

How to Make the Most of Your College Life

It’s an undeniable fact that every student aims to live a hassle free academic life to make their time memorable. But to do this every student need to cope with numerous issues that are really tough. You too can enjoy college time in the best way by learning ... Continue Reading →
schools text messaging

How Schools Are Using Text Messaging

College campuses across the nation come in all shapes and sizes. Some sit smack dab in the middle of the city, while others reside in small towns on acres of greenery. Some boast centuries-old, historical buildings, while some are marvels of modern architecture. ... Continue Reading →
pregnant graduate

Completing Your Studies When You’re Pregnant

You’ve got chapters to read, exams to cram for, and a whack of gazillion-word essays to pump out. You’re hands are full, you don’t have enough hours in the day, and the last thing you need is something else to deal with. But there it is–a ... Continue Reading →
Job Interview makeup tips

How to Put On Makeup for Job Interview

This is it, the day of your big interview. Your dream job is so close within your reach, provided that you leave a good impression on the interviewing panel. Of course, you are going to dress-to-impress as a grown up that you are. Then if you are a girl, there ... Continue Reading →
finance your student life and master college financial wise

The Trainees Will Be Better Paid and Better Supported

Better payment, leave and tickets restaurants permissions: Here are some of the measures provided by the law of 10 July 2014 on the development and supervision of internships. The decree was published on 30 of November. Continue Reading →
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