Student graduaction exam for a degree in criminal justice

6 Exciting Careers in Criminal Justice

Deciding to pursue a career in criminal justice is an exciting prospect. Individuals who work in the field of criminal justice can play a large role in preventing crime, administering justice and helping to rehabilitate offenders. If this sounds like the right ... Continue Reading →
Reviewing the best Laptops for Students

Laptops for Students

We all know that being a student means in most cases having very limited budget for electronic, fun and gadget toys. As a student we are permanently busy coordinating various online and offline classes, schedules and studies at home. Today, in the year 2012, we ... Continue Reading →
Online University Review Phoenix

University of Phoenix Review

The University of Phoenix is a well-known online school that also maintains school campuses around the country. Founded in 1976, the university made a reputation for offering students the opportunity to pursue a degree with a more flexible and convenient schedule, ... Continue Reading →
Wordpress for education blogs and websites for online classes and online degrees

WordPress for Education Blogs

When I was searching earlier today to study the process as well as available options and costs for online classes to extend my MBA in Information Technology, I noticed that most of the websites found in my google search are actually wordpress based. Then after ... Continue Reading →
Use Google Maps offline without Internet Connection

How to Download Google Maps for Offline Viewing

Who uses maps at all? Do only men use Google Maps? These are the eternal questions, the topic of many books and exasperated discussion – why don’t men ask for directions? Why don’t women read maps? While the argument continues, there’s one thing that ... Continue Reading →
Tablet Friendly Education based on tablet oriented Education

The Future of Education: Tablet PCs

Learning has always be the most important factor in human evolution and human history. To make learning even more rewarding, new futuristic ideas are developed from daily brainstorming constantly. Digital learning has reached a very high powered by the public internet ... Continue Reading →
Popular Educators and Teachers

Famous People who were Educators

Teachers are not simply born but it also takes very special people to inspire students within the classroom. Most important for teachers is of course their very personal and unique experiences, knowledge and skills to bring everything together on the classroom ... Continue Reading →
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