Seven Deadly Sins of Twitter That Can Ruin Your Job

Twitter is among the most widely-used social media tool. Most people use this social site to interact with each other or share experience of their whole day at work. But there are also certain issues with this social platform that makes it a menace for employees who use it to escape from their daily work stress. To know some crucial mistakes that employees commit on Twitter, read on the following article:

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1. Sharing Your Feelings

What you type in 140 characters can have severe implications on your work life. While you want to share your experience and feelings to your network of family and friends, it would be foolish to do it at the cost of your job. There have been real case examples of people who were fired from their work just because they commented about rude behavior of their boss or shared a derogatory joke. So it is important to avoid passing feedbacks on Twitter that may get you fired or put you in an uncomfortable position at work.

2. Criticizing Your Boss

Sometimes employees face undue criticisms from the upper hierarchy which they want to vent out on their social space. Since the matter is more professional than personal, so it is important to deal with the whole thing on a professional level. Being a subordinate in on organization, you might be at the receiving end of negative feedback or behavior of your boss. However, it is better not to translate your feelings in tweets as it may get you in more trouble.

3. Following a Controversial Figure

Oftentimes, employees become a victim of social bias. As an individual, you want to follow your favorite celebrity without concerning about his background. But this should not be the case if you have colleagues in your follower’s list. Your following of a porn profile may cause you to be the least favorite employee in the eyes of your colleagues, for example. As a professional, you are expected to respect the ideologies of your colleagues and following a controversial celebrity will do just the opposite.

4. Revealing Future Professional Ambitions

Many people share their special moments on Twitter profile, buy levitra 20mg tablets even if it is for an interview call for a desirable job. While you want to share your happiness for your dream job, twitter is not an ideal place for it. You never know if your employer is peeping in your Twitter updates through a common friend. This is particularly important for employees who hold key positions in an organization. Your employer will keep an eye on your Twitter activities to make sure that you are not interested in other jobs.

5. Discussing Racist Or Sensitive Topics

Employees sometimes tweet about things that are overly sensitive or racist in nature. There are cases of people who were fired from a job due to a remark or comment that blew out of proportion. Although, you have all the rights to express your thoughts on an issue, it needs to be done on a proper forum. In plurality of modern workplace environment, you never know who may get hurt by your unintentional comments.

6. Showing Negative Attitude

People tend to vent out their frustration on Twitter in oblivion to the fact that their colleagues and employer can read their tweets. A negative comment about your nagging mother or sarcastic remark on a friend can reflect negatively on you.  As a professional, you are expected to be a gentleman both inside and outside the office. No matter how valid your complaints may be, twitter is not the right place to do it.

7. Talking about Your Social Media Presence

Employees tend to add their coworkers in their Twitter profile to share life and work-related events. This is absolutely okay as long as you are discreet and conscious about what you write and post on your Twitter profile. But for a safer option, it is always better to keep a low profile about your social media presence. You never know what might get your boss offended, so it is better to avoid any such situation than regretting later.

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