Are More Temp Jobs Emerging in a Challenged Economy?

Temp jobs are ones where you are hired for a position on a interim basis. You may work long term for a company, but you are denied certain benefits by not being a permanent employee. This usually mean slack of health and retirement benefits. With a challenged economy, it seems that there are more temporary jobs popping up as opposed to stable employment. It’s a situation that more and more graduating students are discovering much to their chagrin.

The Rise of the Economyvip job student life online

There has been an increase in jobs overall the past year, but also a considerable increase in temp jobs. reported that the number of temporary jobs available rose 22,000 in February and another 20,300 by March, just a month later. The numbers have gone done slightly between March and June, but there are still close to 100,000 available temp jobs in the United States. With temp jobs, there is a rise in healthcare and construction positions, but retail jobs are still decreasing. The New York Times found that approximately 80 percent of new jobs added in late 2012 by private sector companies were for temp jobs.

Emerging Temp Jobs

These numbers show without a doubt that temp jobs in the country are increasing. One of the reasons for this is because the economy remains uncertain. Employers don’t want to risk losing money, time and using resources on new recruits that don’t work out. Not because they aren’t qualified, but many times individuals aren’t a good fit for the company, which is not realized until after the money is spent on the hiring process. By going with temps, companies benefit, whether they find the temps on their own or go through a temporary levitra online overnight employment agency. According to’s “How Employers Save on Telecommuting Employees,” both employers and employees can benefit from temporary arrangements in the form of flexibility and cost savings.

The Pros and Cons of a Temp Job

Recent graduates will find that there are pros and cons to the increase in temp jobs. The primary benefit is that more temp jobs means more jobs in general. In a difficult economy, any job is a good job. While becoming a temporary employee isn’t ideal, it does ensure they have employment to pay rent on bills. Unfortunately a drawback is that it isn’t stable employment. The employer doesn’t need the same reason to let a temporary employee go as they do with a permanent employee. You could lose your job over the weekend without any legal ramifications coming up. Another drawback is that you aren’t entitled to benefits like 401K, health insurance, and paid time off. However if you are without a job, you do have a good chance of getting a temp job. Companies who like the temp employees they hire often hire them permanently later on.

Giving these facts, it shows exactly why companies are hesitant to hire candidates full time from the beginning, especially recent graduates. Hiring temporary employees allows them to try out a candidate before committing to hiring them. It can be inconvenient to be denied certain benefits, but as the job seeker you have the opportunity to show you deserve to be a permanent employee. In the meantime, seek out internship opportunities that allow you to demonstrate your skills and abilities.

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