A Graduate Scheme After College Will Pave Way Successfully For First Job

Right after you graduate from college your immediate priority will be to find a job which suits your lifestyle and goals. In the competitive scenario to be successful in the job-hunting process you must adopt a planned approach. If you are about to graduate soon it is high time you start thinking about a job. The first step is to prepare a professional resume which reflects your goals and the degree which you have attained. You can contact the career services which are offered by your college. You can attain job fairs and seminars. You can contact the alumni association and make contact among your peers.

Graduate student successful job

Applying for first job

The first job you opt for can shape your career in many ways. Before you apply for the first job make a list of priorities and find out what work values mean to you. You may have references and a dream job in mind. There are certain factors which you need to consider before you accept a new position. Find out whether you like to work independently, are you repaying student loans and ascertain whether you would prefer to work in a strict schedule. Active networking can help you in a myriad of ways.

After joining

After you join your first job you will realize that your school has provided the foundation which is required to enter the industry. But the skills and knowledge you acquire while working is an ongoing process. For career development it is important to remain open to new ideas. Find out your strengths and weaknesses and figure out how you can improve. You can enhance your strengths and work on your weak points. As you join an organization you will have to learn and adopt its culture. You will have to learn the ways of communication, dressing style. It is essential that you present well in meetings and maintain a positive approach towards the new tasks which are entrusted to you.

The first break

You can easily find vacancies in job search websites. You can register with sites which allow employers to find you. Social media site is an important tool which you can use to connect with employers. You can easily search companies which have their own profile. You can check for vacancies and apply accordingly. As you search or your first job it is important that you use your time wisely. You do not have to wait at home for the phone to ring. You can volunteer or gather work experience which may prove beneficial in the long run. By gathering work experience you can create an impressive CV.

A graduate scheme

Right after college you can apply for a graduate scheme which is offered by most of the reputed employers. You can fill the online application form or undergo the recruitment process which takes place in the college campus. After you place an application the HR team will screen the applications. If your portfolio is impressive you will be recruited by the firm. You may have to appear for panel or telephonic interview.

Importance of CV

The key to success lies in being positive about yourself. Keep your choices open. You must mention about the new skills which you have acquired in your CV. It is important that you do your homework before you apply for your first job. Ascertain whether the job is right for you. Your cover letter and CV should highlight your key competencies. Do not forget to mention the extra skills which you have gathered over the years. Extra-curricular activities can add value to your CV. Keep yourself updated on recent news on career and keep learning as you wait for your first break.

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Simon Wales filled an application for a law graduate scheme right after college. He dreams of a job in investment banking and feels that the graduate program will pave way for a successful career.

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