How Google Can Help You Get A Job

A number of surveys point to the same conclusion, employers Google potential candidates as part of their hiring process. Many Human Resource managers make preliminary decisions based on what they find, yet they rarely search past the first page or two of search results. Here’s how to take advantage of the situation and increase your chance of hiring success.

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Google Yourself

Log out of Google first before you search, otherwise you won’t see the same results as a potential employer. Search for your name as written on your resume, since that’s the one the HR director will be searching for. Take a look at the first page or two of search results and ask yourself these questions.

Will a prospective employer be impressed?
Is there any negative or inappropriate content?
Are there search results from someone else that has the same name?
Are there any unflattering images?

Ideally, you will dominate the first page of search results and present a consistently positive image that reinforces the position to which you are applying. Don’t worry if it doesn’t. That just means you’re one of the majority of new job seekers, who spend three times the effort on their resume than their online reputation.

You can put your best foot forward online, without a significant amount of effort. Once done it is quite easy to maintain. The amount of work involved will depend on the number of negative search results and whether you share a name with someone already famous.

Be Consistent In Your Presentation

The key is not in the amount of information, but rather the accuracy and consistency. Make sure you always use the same spelling of your name, including any initials. This will help in ranking higher for your name. Double check any dates you reference in relation to your education or prior employment. Any inconsistency can raise a red flag in the mind of a prospective employer.

Ensure You Have Four Major Social Media Profiles

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ are the four top social profiles that are easiest to get ranked on the first page of Google. Get these profiles done now, if you don’t already have them. Check existing profiles for any profanity or other content that you might find embarrassing.

Check Your Facebook Security Settings.

Adjust your Facebook setting so that you need to approve photo tags or posts. You don’t want to risk the chance that someone else posts inappropriate content to your profile. Clamp down on the security settings of all your other social profiles as well. You need to control the content associated with your name or risk losing the chance of securing a job interview.

Create Your Own Website

Use one of the many free sites like WordPress or Blogger to get this done, if you’re not an html expert. If you can afford it, spend a few dollars to get a domain, in your own name, as you may find it a valuable asset in the future. Use this site to list your educational accomplishments and relevant work experience. Curate career-appropriate content and write your own posts as well. Again be consistent in your approach. A weekly post two months in a row is far better than eight daily posts and then nothing for the next 52 days.

Take a weekly audit of your search results while you’re in the market for a new job. Continue tweaking your profiles to ensure that Google brings only the best results to the front page. This is how you’ll get Google to help you land that dream job.

Stephen Jeske is content curator for the startup CarStories by Neue. Stephen frequently writes about social media issues and reputation management.

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