8 Crucial Mistakes Every Guest Blogger Should Avoid

Guest blogging is undoubtedly one of the best ways to build relationship with other bloggers as well as to build your reputation in the industry. It is helpful in getting traffic and obviously getting more money out of the resulting traffic. Apart from getting more traffic, there are many other benefits of guest blogging. Such benefits include:

  • Showcasing expertise in the industry
  • Exposure to new audience
  • Obtaining better search engine optimization results

Though it has various benefits, it is not always easy to get published on other blogs especially if you are making mistakes continuously. Reputable blogs do not consider any guest blog if it appears full of mistakes at a glance. So, consider the following common mistakes and avoid them all if you want to get great results with your guest blogging:

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#1 – Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the enemy of every blogger. Being a blogger, you should know that plagiarized content always fails to get appreciation and attention. Reputed blog sites never entertain plagiarized guest posts. If you submit a plagiarized blog article once, it will damage your reputation for future also. Needless to say, a plagiarized content always end up penalizing not only you but also the host blogger by search engine.

#2 – Unauthentic And Unverified Content

It is good to provide your readers with interesting facts in your post. But, remember not to include irrelevant and unauthentic content in your blog. If you are including any facts or extra-ordinary experiences in your blog post, verify their genuineness and authenticity before you start writing about them.

#3 – Wasting Referral Traffic

Many bloggers do not pay attention to engaging the referral traffic that they get from guest blogging. In order to avoid this mistake, provide relevant links in your author biography so that you can direct traffic to your desired pages. For instance, if you want subscribers for your eBook, then provide a link in your biography that lands them directly on your eBook subscription page.

#4 – Useless And Lengthy Information

Many bloggers fail to use their keywords attractively by including useless information in their guest posts. Yes, it is necessary to include your targeted keywords but unorganized and lengthy content damages the purpose of your content. Use the keywords wisely in your post. Build your entire content around the keywords but remember to use only relevant information in it.

#5 – Poor Grammar And Sentence Formation

Guest bloggers often ignore the importance of good sentence formation while using their keywords and stuffing content in their post. Poor sentence formation and bad grammar are enemies of guest blog posts. Especially if you are posting for the first time, your content is going to be your first impression so make sure you do not ruin it.

#6 – One Post For All Topics

Many bloggers think of a guest blog post as their one and only chance to achieve their objectives and therefore try to stuff multiple topics in one post. You need to realize that it is a rather harmful conduct for your image as a blogger. Concentrate on one topic per post. Give it your full attention and make it attractive so that you can get further opportunities to write on other topics also.

#7 – Unattractive Author Biography

You will never achieve your targets if you are not making full use of your author biography to attract more traffic to your page. Sometimes bloggers forget to provide links to their page in their author biography and thus fail to attract traffic. So, make your biography attractive and provide relevant links to your page in order to serve the purpose of a guest blog post.

#8 – Blogging On The Wrong Blogs

It is almost impossible to achieve targets if you keep blogging on the wrong blogs. Wrong blogs basically mean the kind of blogs that are not useful for your niche. For instance, if you are creating a guest blog post based on technology, post it on a relevant technology related blog instead of any health or cooking blogs.

If you become successful in avoiding all these common mistakes, you will get bigger and better chances to make use of guest blog posts just the way you want to.

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