Are You a Social Butterfly? 5 Jobs Where You Can Flap Your Wings

Do you love to be around people and get a charge out of human interaction? If you embody the term “social butterfly”, some jobs may not involve enough interaction and humanity to keep you engaged. The following are some professions you might want to consider if you need more interaction and energy in your career.
Are You a Social Butterfly? 5 Jobs Where You Can Flap Your Wings

Nurse: Patients Need Kindness and Reassuring

As a nurse, you are expected to communicate with a lot of people and do a great deal of moving. Whether communicating with nurses under you and coordinating orderlies or ensuring the doctors have the information they need and keeping patients and their families abreast of the situation, this is a position that demands you get a real degree and use it.

Public Relations Specialist: Every Needs Help Handling Their Image

There are few positions that require more socialization than a PR manager. When you handle public relations, you deal with everyone from the accountants and attorneys to the executives and the press. This is a position of constant motion and equally constant interaction. You have to make your clients look as good as possible without seeming like an overt salesperson, and this requires an extreme level of tact and diplomatic skill. If you love being around people, you will love public relations.

Recruiter: Friendly and Personable People Attract Others

Recruiting people into an organization is among the top of the front line heap because it involves doing a lot at a time. You have to make the company look great and present yourself in the best way possible while you subtly induce people to want to join buy levitra amazon while weeding out the candidates who may not be a good fit. This is a problem solving position because ultimately you are out to solve staffing and internal structure problems by helping people get placed where they can work at their best.

Cosmetologist/Stylist: Social Skills are a Necessity When Doing Hair and Makeup

If you love dealing with people, you’ll love doing their hair and makeup because this is an extremely social position. It’s almost impossible to be all over someone’s face or hair without talking to them, and the conversation flows naturally when there’s this much touch. Since you may style a dozen’s people in a day and work six days a week, you will have tons of unique interactions.

School Counselor: Being to Communicate with Kids Makes All the Difference

Working with students is a very high energy adventure because they are all emotions, hormones and uncertainty. You get to be the sage-like giver of wisdom and guiding beacon toward a saner professional goal than “rock star” or “professional athlete.” As a guidance counselor, you will be dealing with people of all different skill sets and mindsets, and the main similarity is that they are all clueless about how to run a life in the real world. You can make a huge difference in the lives of thousands of young people across a career. While the conversations may be very similar, they will go in all kinds of fun directions.

It’s okay to be boisterous and to crave interaction with other people. You just need to find the right job and get to work.

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