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Experimentation: The Missing Ingredient In Your Job Search!

You might have spent days and nights thinking about the most efficient approach to put forth and ace your job search. Well, job seekers round the globe have been boggling their heads over the same. Right from the most smartly designed and curated resume, to undergoing ... Continue Reading →
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A CV vs Resume: The Differences You Should Know!

Seldom are the chances that you ask a fresh graduate about submitting his CV or resume, and he understands the difference. Okay, now that you see the point, it surely would’ve ringed a bell somewhere! So, let me just put it across downright bluntly. Have you ... Continue Reading →
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Are More Temp Jobs Emerging in a Challenged Economy?

Temp jobs are ones where you are hired for a position on a interim basis. You may work long term for a company, but you are denied certain benefits by not being a permanent employee. This usually mean slack of health and retirement benefits. With a challenged ... Continue Reading →
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How to submit an effective guest post in 3 simple steps?

Guest posting is very common in today’s age of social media. If you remember the old times when people used to contribute their writing pieces in the newspaper publications on various topics, these topics were largely related to the newspaper itself or the current ... Continue Reading →
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What Does It Take To Be a Broadcast Journalist in the UAE?

The Emirati economy has been successful in transforming from an oil-reliant economy to one which is majorly driven by non-oil sectors like finance, manufacturing, real estate and education. Having witnessed a plethora of transformations in the last one decade, ... Continue Reading →
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How Do You Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Data Entry Job In India?

The availability of data entry jobs is increasing on a progressive basis. People who have sufficient skills in electronic data processing, typing, and word processing are looking up to this job. The concept of data entry varies from company to company, but some ... Continue Reading →
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Finding a Job Is Anything But Easy-But It Is Not Impossible

For the unemployed, the statement, ‘Why don’t you just get a job?’ can be quite insensitive. Globally, the economy has not been at its best and there are more unemployed people now than perhaps at any other time in history. It’s tough for everyone This ... Continue Reading →
Final year of college: The right time for Job Search

Final year of college: The right time for Job Search

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great”- Zig Ziglar The last year of college! Hard to believe, but yes, it is the last year. You might want to catch up with things you missed in the last 3-4 years, plan trips that were always ... Continue Reading →
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