Which MBA Course Would Suit Your Dream Profession

MBA is typically a 2 year program, which strives to make the candidate proficient in various subjects that revolve around management. Students can choose a specialization from a variety of subjects and can pursue their dream job in the managerial side of a company or business.

Which MBA Course Would Suit Your Dream Profession

MBA is one of the most diverse degrees in the world. Students from any undergraduate course can take upon this degree/diploma. You could be an engineer or an economics graduate – every student gets an equal opportunity to study this course. Plus this degree also helps you to be more diverse in life. Here are few courses and their job profiles.

  • Marketing and Sales

    Both sales and marketing are two different aspects but they are interlinked together. This course helps you to understand what marketing is and how it generates sales. It educates you to be a people’s person, someone who can pitch a product and influence a crowd to buy it. This is what builds a business. Most of the crème-dela-crème of a company is from a marketing background. They are the ones that make business strategies and end up becoming the business head.

  • Finance

    This is one of the oldest forms of MBA specialization. It makes you eligible to be the managerial side of the Finance team. It helps you to understand the subjects like budgets, costs, finances, management etc.

  • Human Resources

    This is the degree that would help you to get into the HR part of the company. They deal with the acquisitions, labor and formulating strategies, internal corporate communication etc. They are the ones who set rule and regulations of a company abiding by the labor law. HR is those who get to hire and fire people. Even the CEO’s get hired by them.

  • Media Management and Communication

    If you like the world of media. This course is tailor made for those aspirants. They help you to get into the managerial section of various media related departments. Every company has a media manager, everybody needs a media manager. They are the ones who make a company’s image and in crises manage it.

  • Information Technology

    This is the time of technology and information. MBA IT educates students to understand how to change over time levitra 20 mg online with the evolution of technology. Over the duration of this course they learn how to plan, select, design, implement and the managerial and administration’s aspects of things. For this course you need to be up to date with technology and be genuinely interested in it.

  • Operations

    This deals with production and floor management. Develop relations with the vendor and keep a good base inter-departmental. They deal with designing, product development and the process of optimizing.

  • Sports Management

    This specialization helps the students to pursue a business course which is tailor made for those who are looking at a career in the global sports industry at an executive level. Today, there has been a sudden growth spurt in the sports industry around the world.

Being in this business, doesn’t only mean you have to a player – There are a plethora of job opportunities for you. If being associated with sports is your dream, then MBA in Sports management is perfect for you.

  • Rural Management

    As most part of the world is still developing, if you want to be a part of the change – MBA in rural management is apt for you. You could be a part of an Ngo, government or any other social development related organization. Your main area of expertise would be on the managerial side of a company that deals with various societal issues. This MBA degree gives you an opportunity to be a part of both international and national companies.

  • Sustainability

    This kind of MBA is also known as ‘Green MBA’. MBA in sustainability teaches you how to make your business more sustainable. This would include issues like corporate and social responsibility, human resources, innovation and waste management etc.

  • E-Commerce

    Today the world is revolving around e-commerce. This MBA course is tailor made for those who are looking for a career in the online business and entrepreneurship world. This course helps you to develop a career in this vast digital world.

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