Online Law Degree: A New Road Paved the Way to Practicing in the Legal Field

There are many wonderful things that have come of the internet, and one of those is change to the landscape of education. Now more than ever, students are able to access nearly everything they need online. The internet has provided opportunity and a wealth of information that has helped boost students into a digital age. One recent development online and in education is attainment of an online education. However, not just any form of education, but that of a law degree. Yes, you heard it – law degrees can be acquired online at the comfort of your own home. Below you’ll find a nifty overview about online law degrees and how it can help you reach the law career of your dreams, be it a law firm in your area or to work among personal injury lawyers.

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How it Works

First and foremost, to use an online law degree, you must intend to pass the bar and practice in the State of California. Currently, no online law programs are accredited by the ABA (American Bar Association), and the only state that does allow one to practice out of a non-ABA approved program is the state of California. So, if you are a California resident, then you’re basically all set to begin. If not, consider packing your bags and moving if you think that this is the right option for you.

The process of earning an online law degree works much like that of a traditional law degree – except it is all online. It takes four years to complete, which sums up to anywhere between 48 and 52 credit units per year. As with traditional law schools, an online buy levitra noida school also requires you to take core courses to complete your degree. While most of the material is online, a number of online law schools do hold class meetings online and may even incorporate the Socratic Method of discussion. In terms of course grades, your final grade in the course can either be determined by one exam at the end of the course or comprised of a number of assignments and an exam.

The Bar and Work

Upon completing an online law program, you need to take the bar in order to become a licensed attorney. Because the only state that accepts non-ABA accredited law schools is California, then California will need to be the state of your choice to live and work for at least five years. Once those five years are up, you may be eligible for reciprocity.

Other Options

If working in the law field in California does not appeal to you, you do have other options that you can pursue with your online degree. For example, you can practice in Federal Court, you can appeal the ABA requirement in some states and hope that you succeed, or you can pursue an additional degree such as the L.L.M., which is a Masters of Law.

Overall, making the decision to pursue an online law degree is a serious one. While it does make learning easier and it can while it also provides you with flexibility, it is something that you truly need to consider. Regardless, if you are truly determined to work in a law firm or among personal injury lawyers or other types of lawyers, then you’ll always find a way to reach your dreams.

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Sally Smith is a freelance writer for Carter Capner , a law firm in Brisbane, Australia.

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