Important eLearning Resources for New Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is usually defined as a tough challenge of setting up and running a new business. The process usually begins with a small business i.e. a firm that offers products or services and later it grows into a huge business if goes successfully. In the past decade, entrepreneurship has experienced steady evolution making it even a bigger challenge especially for newbies but without any doubts within the last few years, it has become the most rewarding career with highly attractive job description, constant tech innovation and limitless boundaries.

Constant Evolution Requires Constant Learning

Entrepreneurship is in a state of evaluation on constant basis and thus, it is quite important for even the most experienced entrepreneurs to keep themselves fully updated with the latest tricks and techniques of the industry. The biggest reason behind the failure of most of the entrepreneurs is lack of knowledge and skills and therefore, we always advise everyone to treat education as a tool to grow faster.

Many newbies put excuses that they can’t afford to invest money in education or they don’t have enough time for learning. Well, you can manage your time when you start your business and as far as money is concerned, you can look for free learning resources which are easily available online. Besides, you can also treat course fees and other charges as a part of investment in your business. Below you can learn about few important courses which are either free or low cost.

eLearning Resources for New Entrepreneurs

1: How to Build a Startup Successfully – Free Course

There are various other courses available online but this can be one of the best for those who complain about the lack of money. This one-month long course is available at UDACITY giving an opportunity for newbie to learn a lot about the basics of startups. You can learn how to gather customers’ feedback and validate your ideas. The course offers 8 lessons during which you will be learning following aspects of entrepreneurship:

  • Corporate history
  • Customers’ expectations and product development
  • Value proposition and common mistakes
  • Different market types
  • Web and physical distribution channels
  • Revenue streams and prices
  • Common startup mistakes
  • Other important factors


2: Entrepreneurial Sales And Marketing Courses

You may be interested in working for the sponsors, marketing advertisers or direct sales as all of them have great potential but you can’t take the advantage until you are able to understand consumers’ minds that what they actually want. When you go online to learn about it, there are hundreds of courses available which will let you know how to makes sales. However, only a right course can tell you how to go beyond your limits. Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers two useful courses:

Course 1: Entrepreneurial Sales

The entrepreneurial sales course will let you know everything on how to make sales of technical products into huge markets and you will learn about the following aspects:

  • Techniques to develop a sales force
  • Ways to manage your sales
  • Creating an attractive compensation program for your workforce
  • Assigning sales mangers their specific territories
  • On spot and quick resolution of all kind of disputes
  • How to target right customers
  • Others

Course 2: Entrepreneurial Marketing

This particular course has been designed to teach newbies about the major marketing concepts, effective strategies and methods and other relevant issues. The course focuses on following aspects deeply:

  • Common strategic hurdles faced by experienced and new entrepreneurs
  • Common mistakes to avoid while moving into marketing
  • Ways to locate marketing opportunities and evaluate them efficiently
  • Most effective sales and marketing tools
  • How to do more with limited resources?
  • How to take maximum advantage of market competition
  • Other important factors

3: Digital Marketing Circuit –Mentor Guided

When you start your new business, you do have a team and in fact, the secret of running a successful business lies in the hands of a well trained team. If any of your team members lacking necessary skills, you can recommend them part-time courses that can fit within their working schedule. The following online courses available at General Assembly:

  • HTML, CSS and Web Design – 10 Weeks
  • Data Analysis – 10 Weeks
  • JavaScript Development – 10 Weeks
  • User Experience Design – 6 Weeks
  • Digital Marketing – 5 Weeks

Digital Marketing Circuit

This specific course has been designed to teach newbies everything related to digital marketing including:

  • Content strategy
  • Social media techniques
  • Paid marketing campaigns
  • Paid and organic searches
  • Analytic tools

4: Entrepreneurship — From Idea to Launch

Entrepreneurship is a long process but one can become an expert into it by learning from basics. Udemy also offers a series of lectures on entrepreneurship helping newbies convert simple ideas into successful businesses. The course is consisted upon 5 sections (Every section contains useful lectures) which are as follow:

  • Section 1: Basics
  • Section 2: Opportunities
  • Section 3: Business models
  • Section 4: Business plans and funding
  • Section 5: Concluding note

5: Free Entrepreneurship Classes Online

If you are interested in taking free online classes for learning about entrepreneurship, you can’t find a better place than skillshare where you can get instant access to hundreds of free videos containing lots of information about entrepreneurship, digital marketing, tips, tricks and techniques, Also buy essay. You can learn about:

  • Productivity and time management
  • Essential conversion tools
  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • Social media posts
  • Mistakes to avoid by newbies
  • Creation of facebook business pages
  • Other useful stuff

6: Free Conferences and Lectures

If you are new to entrepreneurship, a great way to learn all about it is to attend conferences which will definitely bring a lot for you to learn. However, you should also be ready to spend some big amount of money because most of the organizers prefer to sell conference tickets and in case of your limited budget, you might find it an extra burden. To avoid spending that extra money, you can watch conferences rather than attending in person. You can follow popular entrepreneurs social media pages which will give you access to the video links of conferences.

Final Words

Mastering in entrepreneurship requires a lot of time and efforts and if you are under the impression that you will come, see and conquer, you are absolutely wrong. You must understand that the expertise in this field is developed time to time and thus, you should always be ready to learn something new. The above discussed resources are not ultimate but they can still teach you a lot to begin your journey towards a successful life.

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