Demanding Business Certifications For 2014

There is a wide spread debate about the importance and worth of the business certifications. The truth lies in the fact that only the certified business professionals are taking the secure and jobs with higher salaries. The business firms and the organizations in reality prefer those certified professionals who have gained enough experience and practical abilities to handle the critical and complex conditions of the business projects.

Underlining the importance of business certifications

The business sector is full of challenging job roles and only certified and well-experienced professionals can meet those challenges. In this situation, Selftest training presents the business certifications presents the best solution with the help of which, individuals can verify their expertise and practical abilities to face the complex job roles of this sector. According to the facts and figures, the business sector is producing plenty of job opportunities and they can be taken by the certified professionals. Some of the very top and professional business certifications are mentioned below for the guidance of the professionals.

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The Project Management Professional

The PMP certification is the most demanding certification to have in the business sector. The individuals who wish to take up a career in the project management sector can get the certification for advancing their career. The certification targets the individuals with five years of working experience and focuses on the project direction and management skills. This certification is a very technical one and can lead the individuals towards a very secure career path.

The Cisco Small and Mid-size business specialization program

The Cisco SME small and mid-size business certification program was initiated by Cisco with an aim to educate the small and mid-size business partners with the latest skills and strategies that can lead their business towards height of success. This certification program is also open for all the Cisco partners as well. There are some categories under this certification program and the candidates can take up nay of the certification for advancing their business related career.

The business Analyst certification by IBM

The IBM technologies and methodologies are being used by the companies and the organizations on a wide scale. The IBM has also initiated its Business Analysis certification program and it has been accepted and recognized by the companies worldwide. The candidates can go with the business analyst certification program offered by IBM in order to advance their career in the upcoming year of 2014. The business analysis job roles are regarded as very important and can also save the companies from risks and loss so the certified professionals in business analysis can anticipate better opportunities in their career.

The Human Resource Management Certifications

The human resource management is the most important and valuable field of the business sector. Not a single business firm or organization can work without the assistance and support of the HR professionals. The human resource certified professionals are the persons who are responsible for maintaining the work force and their records. In this perspective, the Human resource certifications offered by the HRI like the Professional Human Resource Management certification and the senior Human Resource Management certification can offer higher salaries and better opportunities to the professionals.

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